Elemon Launches Corsair PvE Feature

Community members of the PlayToEarn gaming project stand a chance to win real-world Corsair brand products.

Elemon Corsair Land

BNB Chain blockchain GameFi project, Elemon, launches their Player vs Environment (PvE) Corsair gameplay feature.

The Elemon team took to Twitter on March 31 and announced the launch of the Corsair Land PvE gameplay feature. Players can win real-life Corsair branded products by participating in the PvE gameplay of Corsair land. 

“CORSAIR PVE FEATURE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES. The exceptional feature of #CorsairLand – Corsair PVE is ready to kick off,” said the project in a tweet. “Enjoy your time with Corsair PVE, Elemonians!”


There are three game modes for the Corsair land PvE feature of Elemon, with each game mode having various difficulty levels – Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each map consists of one element, while each chapter consists of 18 maps that correspond to 18 elements. Players need to complete 15 out of the 18 maps in order to unlock the next chapter. 

Every win on the Corsair land PvE feature until April 14 will reward a user with a Special Corsair ticket that can be redeemable for a chance to win Corsair branded items through the lucky spin event, which will be available from April 7 to 21. 

Learn more about the Corsair land PvE feature by visiting Elemon’s Substack post

Guild Features

The Elemon team also announced some initial exclusive guild features that will promote collaboration between members of the Elemon community.

“Guild feature will be making its official debut in the official Elemon Game version today,” Elemon said in their Substack post. “Gamers will possess exceptional privileges when joining [a] Guild.” 


Players belonging to a guild can win prizes by joining daily or weekly guild quests, defeat bosses, and other group events. Players can also get extra energy that can be used in the game depending on the rank they have in the guild. Alliances can also be formed between guilds that allow players to join tournaments or other game features in the Elemon metaverse.

Learn more about the guild feature by visiting Elemon’s Substack post

What is Elemon

Elemon is a protocol built on the BNB Chain with many Play-to-Earn features. The protocol combines the most significant aspects of gaming and digital collectibles. Elemon’s mission is to create a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way. 

The native $ELMON token also has utility on the protocol. Users can use the token to farm and make payments in its NFT marketplace along with other tokens. Elemon will also add more use-cases for $ELMON in the future.

For more about Elemon:

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