Elemon Continues GameFi Rise, Sells Out Mystery Boxes

Despite BSC network issues that raised complaints from its community, the mystery boxes sold out in record time.

Mystery Boxes Go on Sale

After putting pen to paper in a major GameFi collaboration with CorsairElemon has taken another major step towards growing its GameFi ecosystem. The upcoming play-to-earn game protocol successfully conducted its first Mystery Box sales event. 20,000 Elemon Mystery Boxes which were earmarked for the event were snapped up by buyers in barely 35 seconds.

“20,000 Elemon Mystery Boxes Sold Out In Just 35 Seconds. Unbelievable! Impossible! Unstoppable … Once again, huge thanks & big love to the invincible power of #Elemon community around the globe”, Elemon tweeted excitedly. 

The sales event took place on November 23 with each Mystery Box priced at 300 BUSD. Participating accounts were entitled to a maximum purchase of 5 boxes. Each box contained 3 NFTs which were either Elemons of varying rarities, pieces of metaverse lands, or rare Royal cards.

Sales Hit by Hiccups

The sale of Elemon’s Mystery Boxes was scheduled to start at 2pm UTC on November 23. But due to congestion on the BSC network, the event started at 2.30pm after a 30mins delay. A member of the Elemon community went on Twitter to complain about lost gas fees. Another Elemon fan wondered why each account was allowed up to 5 Mystery Boxes:

“I spent 0.3 BNB in total, which is around $150 on transaction fee to purchase your box. I submitted at least 15 transactions, and now you told me it’s delayed????”, 

“Which is better… to sell 20000 boxes to a 20000 member community of supporters or 20000 boxes to 4000 persons?”, the unhappy users tweeted respectively. 


Community Gets an Apology

The strength and relevance of any crypto project rest on its community. Elemon knows this quite well and promptly reached out to its community over the challenges they faced during the sale.

“Elemon sincerely apologizes to our community for the problem that occurred at the time of the Mystery Box Sale opening due to network congestion”, the platform stated in its apology.

Admittedly, not every interested buyer can make a successful purchase in limited public sales. It is common to see a section of the community feeling left out. Sometimes the prevailing circumstances are not within the project’s control. But then, every project must find a way of keeping its community calm when things do not completely go as planned.

About Elemon

Elemon is a role-playing game (RPG) protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol enhances user-experience through its IDLE campaign which enables players to earn rewards without spending so much time online.

Elemon recently updated its roadmap and has also opened its NFT marketplace where users can trade Elemon’s mystery boxes. 

Visit Elemon via these links:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Substack

Source : bsc.news

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