Elemon Concludes Boss Guild Season 1, Updates Roadmap

A total of 543 Guild Bosses were summoned by 15 participating Guilds in the inaugural season of the competition.

Season 1 Concludes

Elemon, an Idle PlayAndEarn blockchain game on BNB Chain, recently concluded the first season of their Boss Guild event and updated their Q3 roadmap.

 A recap was shared with the community through a Tweet on July 1. Elemon tallied a total of 543 Guild boss summons made by 15 competing guilds throughout the month of June. The guilds competed for a piece of the $2,000 prize pool allocated to the top four finishers. Animals became the first guild to win the event, taking home $1,000 and an Exclusive Guild Avatar. 

 “With the Boss Guild Season 1 event, Elemon team has received positive feedback from the community,” Ky Canh, Elemon CMO, told BSCNews. “During the event, many new guilds were established, and the level of discussion about the Boss Guild Season 1 event in the community was very active. Entering the Boss Guild Season 2 event, Elemon has opened new bosses with higher levels, changed the structure, and added new rewards to increase the attractiveness and stimulate competition among Guilds.”


Elemon took little time before launching a second season for their Boss Guild. Season 2 officially started on July 1 and will last until the end of the month. The current iteration of the event will have a total prize pool of $18,000 and will reward the top 3 guilds with a cut of a $2,000 pot. The team promises more surprises, drama, and challenges as some game mechanics have been updated this season. 

 Check out Elemon’s substack post for more details on Boss Guild Season 2, and their recap of Season 1.

 An Updated Roadmap

The Elemon team sees the current market situation to be the perfect time to build. In a Tweet on June 30, the team announced some reprioritization efforts for certain projects on their roadmap and moved it up from its original timeline. The in-game shop, Title System, and PvP Championship were all released early, while Challenge 2.0 is the current focus of the team for early release. 


“Elemon team listened to comments from the community, then considered and adjusted the roadmap to best suit the current general market situation,” Canh added. “Challenge 2.0 feature has been pushed up and is about to be released soon. This will be an outstanding, unique feature, and will ensure to bring new experiences to the players of the project this year. It will completely change the way the community knows about Elemon.”

However, reprioritization comes with a cost as some features were delayed as a result. Elementor Phase 1, the Equipment System, and the Infinity Wheel features have been moved to Q3 of this year, while updates on the new timeline for phase 1 of their metaverse plans will be released in the coming days.

Check out their telegram announcement for more details.

What is Elemon: 

Elemon is a protocol built on BNB Chain with many Play-to-Earn features. The protocol combines the most significant aspects of gaming and digital collectibles. Elemon’s mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way. 

The native $ELMON token also has utility on the protocol. Users can use the token to farm and make payments in its NFT marketplace along with other tokens. Elemon will also add more use-cases for $ELMON in the future.

For more about Elemon:

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