Elemon Championships: Season 1 is About to Begin

Season one begins as logo collection mechanic is added to the inaugural season championships.

The Very First Champion

Binance Smart Chain Idle RPG PlayToEarn GameFi project, Elemon recently started their first official championship season.

To differentiate from their earlier competition on the testnet, the team behind the Binacne Smart Chain GameFi project added a logo collection mechanic to their first Championship season, which began on January 18. A day one update was given by the team through their official twitter account the following day.

“ELEMON CHAMPIONSHIP: SEASON 1 – DAY 1: LOGO RANKING. How many Logos do you have, Elemonians? Day 1 already passed & now, it’s time to visit our Hall of Collector a little bit to see which deserving names are currently on Top of the List as of 10 AM UTC 19/01/2022!” Elemon excitedly tweeted.


Day 1 leaderboards were also tweeted by the team. The Purple logo leader is user BinhGold, followed by top1 and Luff.Top orange logo collector title goes to ngaongao, followed by ELG_Love and NaulenMomo. Infinirty_EL8888 – 205 leads the race for red logo collections while Miranda and THaa4 follow behind.

Championship Mechanics

The logo collection feature has a tentative timeline of January 18 to January 25 and a prize pool of up to 10,000 US Dollars. In PvE mode, players can get a chance to collect logos depending on which PvE battle they play. Purple Logos drop from battles 1.1 to 2.12, Orange Logos drop from battles 3.1 to 5.12, while Red Logos drop from battles 6.1 or higher. PvP battles also have a chance to drop logos. The top collector for each logo color will receive a prize. 


Both PvP and PvE battles also have a chance to drop Elmon tickets. These tickets are unlimited in number. Players will collect as much tickets as they can before January 26 in order to enter the Lucky Draw. The draw will have three rounds on the 26th of January with the first one set at 3AM UTC. The second and third draw are scheduled for 9AM and 3PM UTC on the 26th of January as well. Multiple winners are expected to get a prize from the draw, with the grand prize worth 1000 US Dollars.


Source : bsc.news

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