Elemon Announces Decode X-Factor Mini-Contest

Elemon’s mini-contest would allow users to participate and earn big from making correct predictions quickly.

Mini-Contest Announced

Elemon has launched a new feature to incentivize users. The Play-to-Earn Non-fungible token (NFT) GameFi project has created a mini-contest for users known as Decode X-factor. 

The GameFi protocol launched Decode X-factor to give back to the community for their immense contribution to the growth of the Elemon ecosystem. The mini-contest has started and will end on October 18th, 2021. In addition, participants stand a chance to win from the reward pool of $1500, as seen in Elemon’s tweet on October 14th. 

“This is a contest #Elemon holds to mark a memorable journey before our Big milestone happens,” Elemon tweeted. “Duration: 2:00 PM UTC October 14th, 2021 to October 18th, 2021. Total rewards: 1500 USD.”


A total of six users would share the reward price of $1500, and Elemon would announce the lucky winners on Twitter and Telegram

What is Decode X-Factor? 

According to Elemon’s website, X-factor is a giant strategic partner added to its GameFi project. With this in mind, Decode X-Factor is a contest for users to predict the big strategic collaboration that Elemon will announce. Elemon, on the other hand, has dropped hints for users to find out the name of the X-Factor. 

“HEADQUARTERED IN THE USA WITH MANY GLOBAL BRANCHES, 2000+ EMPLOYEES, LISTED ON NASDAQ, BILLION DOLLAR BRAND VALUE,” The protocol dropped a Hint on its webpage. “A famous brand with hardware products that are loved by many gamers and streamers. Owns several big brands for gamers and streamers. Sponsored nearly 400 influencers with over 1.3 billion followers on all platforms.”


As mentioned earlier, only six participants will emerge as winners of the predict-and-win contest. One winner would go home with $1000, while five others would take $100 each. First, however, users need to submit their predictions before Elemon announces the X-Factor publicly. 

The contest is ongoing and will end in a few days. Everyone is eligible to participate, provided that you have a Twitter and a Telegram account. Visit the Elemon events page to learn more, experience, and be amongst the lucky winners. 

About Elemon 

Elemon is a protocol built on BSC with many Play-to-Earn features. The protocol combines the most significant aspects of gaming and digital collectibles. Elemon’s mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way. 

The native $ELMON token also has utility on the protocol. Users can use the token to farm and make payments in its NFT marketplace along with other tokens. Elemon will also add more use-cases for $ELMON in the future.

For more about Elemon:

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