Elemon Achieves Project Big Milestone With Official Game Launch

A project roadmap was also highlighted to give the community a better sense of direction of where the game is headed for in 2022.

Official Game Launch

Elemon, a PlayToEarn idle RPG game on Binance Smart Chain, has finally launched their official game to the community.

To give the community a better picture of where the project is headed for the year, the team also highlighted their 2022 road map shortly after tweeting about their official game launch. The official twitter account of the BSC GameFi project announced the launch on the microblogging platform on January 10. 

“THE ADVENTURE TO ELEMATRIS WORLD IS OFFICIALLY STARTED. Let’s save this historic moment! Elemon Game Official Link (Patch 22.01.10): game.elemon.io Begin your journey on your own way.” Elemon tweeted.


Following their launch tweet, the Elemon team also gave a few details pertaining to the game. They mentioned that earning ELCOIN will start from 9 AM UTC on January 10. All Testnet features will be the same in the Mainnet, except for the Summon & Combine feature, which will be locked. NFTs transferred from one wallet to a different wallet need to wait 24 hours before being playable on the new wallet.

Milestone Statistics From The Start

30 minutes into the game launch and ELEMON was able to rack up over 400,000 ELMON for their In-Game Star Up. The number quickly increased to 1,000,000 after 24 hours. 48 hours after the launch of the game, and the day 1 numbers doubled to over 2,000,000 ELMON already burned.

“ELEMON MAINNET DAY 2 – RECORD AFTER RECORD. Breaking record as a habit. Day 2 since Mainnet launch, the next 1,000,000 ELMON has been spent on Star Up by our beloved gamers and also burned immediately, Elemonians!” Elemon proudly announced.


A Call To Arms

Guilds play an important role in any metaverse. That is why the Elemon team is also looking for guilds to participate in the one they’re building. They have opened up a google form to register your community or guild that will contribute to the future of the whole Elemon ecosystem.

“ELEMON GUILD GAME PROGRAM – REGISTER NOW! .Fill the Form: forms.gle/f87PrGBjHuRMEaUx9. Registration Time: From January 9, 2022. The program may stop receiving registration forms at any time once having enough guilds/communities” Elemon’s twitter account broadcasted.


To be eligible for the program, guilds must have more than 200 active members, while communities must have at least 5000 members. The benefits, according to the development team, is the chance to coordinate with them in building the whole Elemon gaming community along with some other attractive perks.

Roadmap for 2022


Scheduled for 2022 are new Elemon releases each quarter, adding more depth to the game. The Corsair PvE mode and the mobile version launch highlight what to expect in Q1. The Phase 1 and 2 of both the Metaverse and the Elementor are what to expect for Q2 and Q3 respectively. The Mortal tournament as well as the in-game item exchange are developments to expect in Q4 of this year.

Source : bsc.news

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