Earneo – Watch to Earn

Earneo is a blockchain-based video sharing platform that rewards users for watching videos.

Paid to View, Not Pay-Per-View

Earneo is a video-hosting platform powered by blockchain technology. The platform doesn’t follow the traditional way users consume content; instead of engaging in their favorite pastime of watching videos and generating profit for others, Earneo’s users have an opportunity to earn. Simply by registering on Earneo.Tube and watching videos, users earn their native token, RNO.

Their Android App is already available on Google Play Store (100k+ downloads), and the iOS App will be released by the end of this month.

RNO Tokens Available on Binance and BSC

Last year, Earneo switched from Ethereum to the Binance Chain. By doing so, they’ve managed to significantly lower transaction costs, which proved to be the right move for both the users and the company.

Recently, they went one step further: their RNO token is now available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In addition to transferring tokens from one blockchain to another, BSC will provide both Earneo and its users with new features such as:

Listing RNO on DEX running on BSC


Connecting crypto wallets directly to Earneo.Tube

Allowing Smart Contract Applications on Earneo.Tube

Listing on PancakeSwap

One of the most significant advantages of running on BSC is listing RNO tokens on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes).

Earneo’s token will be listed on PancakeSwap, the biggest DEX on BSC, in early January.

The listing will make the RNO token easily available to a wide range of traders, with the goal of providing a larger token volume on the DEX.

Earneo’s Next Phase

The platform is live, with over 85,000 registered users so far. The numbers are growing every day according to the team, showing the positive prospect of the project and their commitment to developing it further.

“Watch to Earn” is not the only way you can generate revenue on Earneo. Their future plans involve a lucrative incentive to post and moderate content on the platform.

Earneo’s Content Creators will have the possibility to earn 65% of ad revenue their videos acquired while being a part of the Moderator Community will allow the users to earn up to 3% of ad revenue.

From Pioneers to Leaders

Earneo was one of the first projects to implement blockchain technology into video-sharing platforms. By continuously developing and growing, Earneo aims to become a one-stop shop: where users can enjoy the content, earn tokens, withdraw, and later trade them on the exchange. This is all made possible by taking advantage of the security and ease of operation offered by blockchain technology.

Source: BSC News

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