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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello guys and welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily!!! It’s been a lovely Saturday and I hope the same goes for you guys also! I’m your host Daley and today I’m joined by Admin Ender from Earncraft!

Good day to you Admin Ender, how are you doing?

Admin Ender: Hello Daley, I am fine, and you?

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s been good for me too! Thanks for asking. So, is there anything you want to share before we begin the AMA? Admin Ender

Admin Ender: We can continue the AMA ^^

Cryptodaily Admin: Perfect! So for our first question of the day

Q1: What is Earncraft all about? Give us a little summary of your project!

Admin Ender: Earncraft is a play 2 earn game in which players will be able to get money while playing Minecraft. It is a free to play Minecraft server that integrates a Binance Smart Wallet for each player. Giving them the ability to pay other players tokens. The server is based in a free market economy, where users are able to sell and buy resources, rent land, participate in daily competitions, promote images on their land about other projects, play in the casino, plant crops, and much more…

The possibilities on our metaverse are unlimited, and it is already working!

Cryptodaily Admin: A Minecraft server that integrates Binance Smart Wallet? Now that’s something new. And we will definitely get to know more about this feature of Earncraft

Admin Ender: Yes, actually, correct me if I am wrong, ưe are the first game on blockchain to totally integrate a wallet inside a game. Without other third party apps such as Metamask

Cryptodaily Admin: Within my limited experience, you are though And when I first heard about this, I was amused tbh, I never thought you can do that on a Minecraft server. But why am I surprised? Minecraft is truly limitless, they even built a working CPU, computers inside the game

Admin Ender: True, there are literally no limits

Q2: Who are the creators of Earncraft? Are you doxed and how can we trust you with our funds?

Admin Ender: Me and Satoshi Crafter are the developers of the game. I am doxxed with private investors and partnerships but not to the public yet. Also, as you can check on the Unicrypt presale, we already did the KYC, so in case something happens with your funds, I will take all the legal responsibilities. The KYC was done with Solidproof

Cryptodaily Admin: Great to know! I guess you’re all Minecraft pros as well. But what about Blockchain? How long have you been in this field?

Admin Ender: I personally began in Defi in November of 2020, a lot of things have changed since then. Actually, Me and @SatoshiCrafter have been developing Minecraft servers for 9 years already, we have plenty of experience with plugin development inside the game. And we, with the help of some communities in different forums were able to introduce it into the game.

Q3:  Please walk us through how you can integrate Blockchain with a Minecraft server? Why did you choose Minecraft to build Earncraft?

Admin Ender: When you join the game, you can type in the in-game chat “/wallet” and you will see your wallet public address and token balance. You can export this wallet to Metamask or TrustWallet by typing in the chat the command “/wallet keys”, on which you will see your private key and seed phrase.

Also, there are many more options like if you want to transfer tokens inside the game to other players with the command “/wallet transfer” and much more, more info in our website or inside the game

As a Minecraft server developer and also player, I know that literally everything can be done in Minecraft, from creating your own casino in your land, to creating dragons inside the game.

We think that it is totally unnecessary to create our own platform for our metaverse game, such as The Sandbox and many other projects.

On other projects platforms they have hundreds of limitations, Minecraft game, has been being developed and updated for 12 years already. In games like The Sandbox, you can not rent land, you can not give access to others to build on your land, you can not publish your land in the metaverse, there are many limitations in the creation of games, there are not in game transactions, and much more that we already have.

Cryptodaily Admin: Throwing a little shade there I see I agree that minecraft is easily more enjoyable than sandbox

Admin Ender: But it is sadly true, if you go to decentraland or other metaverse game and play them, they look like games made 10 years ago. And also, a lot of limitations of what you can do

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s the current situation of P2E games these days. They don’t have much experiences in game developing, and they rush to finish the game, it looks like being made by a sophomore

Q4: What is a Minecraft wallet? What can we use it for and how can we know it’s secured enough to use?

Admin Ender: A Minecraft wallet is what we call the wallet that is inside the game, which also can be exported to other wallets such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, Safepal and others. The information is protected by the password that the user set up during the registering process on the server, like it happens with other wallets.

Regarding the security and wallet keys storage during mainet, this information is securely stored on our server and no one can access it. We are an Audited and KYC’d team. Furthermore, after the launch, we will do several Audits from other Minecraft developers and security experts to guarantee a total trust from our players.

Q5: Let’s dive into your tokens. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of those tokens’ use cases? Are those audited?

Admin Ender: Our Tokenomics plan has been carefully made for many years, up to 4 years of unlocking of tokens. We plan and aim to convert on one of the most important metaverse tokens on the blockchain.

As I said before, Earncraft will not only be used as the currency of a free market economy on the server. Also, players will have to spend PLOT tokens to mint Plot NFTs (lands) and we will use part of this revenue to burn it. Also, all the royalties obtained from the trade of these NFTs will be used to buy back PLOT tokens and burn them all!

Anyone can check our tokenomics in detail here:

Cryptodaily Admin: Thanks for sharing! Check out their gitbook for further research ppl

Q6: What do we need to play the game? Are we required to buy anything to join the server?

Admin Ender: Some players have already joined the game ^^ I am happy to see that. To play the game you just need a Windows PC, MAC OS or linux device, it is totally free to play and as I said at the beginning of the AMA, you can try it now. We have a 2 minutes tutorial on how to install and join the game if someone has problems

Earncraft metaverse is divided by lands, but you do not necessarily need one in order to play, like in other live metaverses you can just visit other people land, take part in play2earn game created by other players in their land, participate in some of our Daily competitions, and if you are an experienced user of Minecraft, you can search resources to sell them to builders!

Cryptodaily Admin: Any chance you can introduce the Plot NFT in short for us?

Admin Ender: Yes of course. A PLOT NFT is a digital piece of real-estate in Earncraft’s metaverse. Holding a PLOT NFT in your wallet, gives you access to build digital experiences, such as games, in game stores, social hubs and much more.  You can also rent your PLOT to other people in order to obtain passive income.

As you already know @BSC_daily already own one piece of lands, we love to have you in our metaverse


Anyone can check the live map of our metaverse on our website. There will be 4096 lands in total in Earncraft metaverse, and we will sell around 50-100 land on each land sale. ^^

Years will pass until all PLOT NFTs (Lands) are sold

Cryptodaily Admin: And thank you for your generosity And just want to be clear, the Earncraft team is nice enough to offer us a free NFT Plot, we haven’t checked it out just yet but we’re thrilled to see what’s coming up

Q7: Are there any exciting events you want to tell us?

Admin Ender: You will receive the land on the minting day, on 4th March, during the first land sale But you can actually start building there from now. We will bring many updates and events every few days into the game. As I said before, I would like to announce that the first Land sale will be on 4th of April. Some players will be able to mint a land and be landowners!

We will do different land sales every 1 or 2 weeks depending on the demand of users!

Q8: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole

Admin Ender: The next few months will be amazing… We will be doing events with our community, we will introduce many partnerships with different projects on BSCsuch as NFT projects that will build NFT museums, partners that will create live events and even live music concerts on their land, play2earn games created by the community and us, and much more. As you said before, there are no limits in the game.

Cryptodaily Admin: I sincerely hope that you can do exactly what you set out to do. All of these sound really captivating and with your expertise of more than 9 years in Minecraft server developing, those events will be the bomb

Q9: Where can we find out more about Earncraft?

Admin Ender: Twitter: twitter.com/EarncraftServer

Telegram: @Earncraft

Announcements: @earncraftannouncement

Web: earncraft.org

DOCS: earncraft.gitbook.io/earncraft

Also, it is very important to mention this, our presale will be on 20th, 16:00 UTC on Unicrypt

Here it is a link for the presale: bit.ly/Earncraft

Thank you very much ^^

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Earncraft

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Admin Ender: Thank you very much for the people that are still here. Please, give a opportunity to our game, there is nothing similar on the blockchain and you will surely hear about us in the future

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for being here with us also Admin Ender! It has been a great pleasure for me, looking forward to the bright future of Earncraft!

Admin Ender: Thank you

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