Earn BNB Staking Rewards on Baked Beans Miner

Users can earn rewards in high APRs when they stake BNB on the Baked Beans dApp.

Baked Beans Miner 

Baked Beans Miner provides users with an opportunity to earn huge rewards. The Decentralized Application (dApp), created by Bake-House, is a $BNB Miner built on BNB Chain. The reward pool has one of the best daily returns on the network with a very low slippage (fee for withdrawals and deposits). 

The dApp is simple and easy to navigate, with a complex mining mechanism. Users deposit BNB into the mining contract and earn BNB back in daily percentage when they bake BEANS. Additionally, users can also earn a percentage from referrals through the dApp. 

Currently, Baked Beans Miner offers users a daily return of 8%, with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 2920%. Users would also earn 12% of the BNB used to bake beans from anyone who uses their referral links. Not forgetting the dApp’s fee for withdrawals and deposits is 3%. 


Earn BNB Rewards From Staking BEANS 

Earning passive income in BNB tokens is very easy on the dApp. Below is a step-by-step guide on utilizing the Bake-House product: 


Visit the Bake-House website and click on the Bake Beans Miner dApp. You can access the direct link HERE. 


Click on “CONNECT” to connect your wallet and utilize the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) product. The platform offers users the option to interact with its smart contract using Metamask or Wallet Connect. 


Since the application utilizes BNB Chain, users need to have BNB to cover transaction fees. 


After connecting your wallet, preferably Metamask, the page displays the details below: 

Contract: The total amount of BNB locked in the dApp’s contract. 

Wallet: Your total BNB balance.  

Your Beans: BEANS that you have received. 



Enter the amount of BNB you want to deposit into the wallet and click on “BAKE BEANS,” then confirm your transaction. After this is done, some BEANS will be given to you. 

Source: Beans acquired after depositing the BNB amount.

After you complete these steps, BNB rewards will be distributed over time from your acquired BEANS. 

Claiming Your Rewards 

Once you have received BNB rewards, click on “EAT BEANS” below Your Rewards to withdraw your earnings. You will also pay a 3% development fee charged by the protocol. 


As seen in the image above, you can also reinvest your accumulated BNB rewards by clicking the RE-BAKE button. However, the minimum RE-BAKE amount is 1 BNB. 

Referral System 

Users can see their referral links from the bottom page. Once the link is shared, you will earn a 12% referral bonus from users that deposit BNB through your link. 


Overall, Baked Beans is an innovation by the Bake-House team to create a fair, safe, and profitable venture for investors and users in the DeFi space. The team plans to continue developing the product till it becomes the go-to BNB rewards pool on BNB Chain. 

What is Bake-House: 

Bake-House is a DeFi platform dedicated to giving users passive income. The protocol boasts of the Baked Beans BNB miner and a native crypto asset, Bean Chart Token, $BCT. The token was launched with a transaction tax which contributes to the growth of the mining pool. 

For more information about Bake-House, refer to the following links: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Source : bsc.news

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