DxSale Project Insight: A One-Stop Shop Token Management Platform

The DxSale ecosystem aims to allow users to create their own utility tokens all through one dAap effortlessly. With features such as the DxLock and DxLaunch, the whole token creation process is accessible to anyone.


DxSale launched its network during the initial DeFi craze in August of 2020. The team aims to build a decentralized token management platform that will support utility tokens’ entire life cycle. This DxSale ecosystem is built to be blockchain agnostic and completely decentralized. The team is entirely anonymous and utilizes a DAO structure to best ensure decentralization.

This protocol features a plethora of products that allow people to create or tokenize their assets easily. These products focus on “flexibility, true decentralization, and automation” to easily onboard people into the crypto world. In short, this protocol makes the token creation process seamless and permissionless for those who wish to create a token. DxSale allows the individual to simply fill out a form regarding their token, and the DAO will take care of the heavy lifting.

Key Features

–Minting of a utility token

–Raising capital for a venture using a token

–Locking team or LP tokens automatically once IDO is completed successfully

–Dex Listing

Key Metrics

Core Products

DxSale achieves its one-stop token ecosystem through a plethora of products. Currently, the following features have been developed or are now being built: DxStake, DxLaunch, DxSwap, DxLock, DxFarm, and DxNFT. Together, these products will make DxSale one of the most significant DAO’s, allowing businesses and individuals to create a token and manage its life cycle effortlessly.


DxStake is a scalable staking system that allows users to stake $SALE.  As more features and users are onboarded DxStake will continue to grow its yield opportunities. Currently, users who stake the native DxSale $SALE token will be eligible to receive airdrops from DxLaunch token sales alongside a share of each Dx product’s revenue. Currently, users can stake their $SALE on the Ethereum network. Those who stake the contract will charge a 2% fee to stake and an 8% fee to unstake to further incentive users to stay in the staking contract. As for the staking fees, half are permanently burned while the other half are redistributed to $SALE stakes. 


DxLaunch is one of the core features of the DxSale ecosystem. This product allows for seamless and permissionless token listing. DxLaunch is custom-tailored to the average user making the token listing process available to all. Through DxLaunch, users will be able to complexly manage their token’s lifecycle, the listing, minting, initial liquidity, and even governance. This feature aligns with DxSale’s chief mission of allowing anyone to create a token, raise capital, lock a token, and easily list it on the largest decentralized exchanges. The DAO also has vetting protools built in to to remove bad actors from their launchpad. The team also is consistently working on ways to provide more tools to allow investors to make better decision while investing.

For those who wish for a more hands-on experience, the team also has a De-Fi launch feature which allows for more customization. This consists of further marketing and custom tokenomics parameters. The DxLaunch and DeFi launch products can be accessed here.


DxSale also offers an instant time lock mechanism on token sales. This feature ensures investors’ safety as developer funds or a portion of funds can be locked through the DxSale DAO. Instead of token creators worrying about coding a time lock and its security, DxSale has made this process seamless. Overall, DxLock is another product that helps make the DxSale ecosystem the one-stop token shop it aims to be.

DxSwap and DxFarm

DxSale aims to integrate its own Automated Market Making decentralized exchange into its ecosystem. This will allow users to easily swap tokens directly on the DxSale platform while also earning liquidity incentives. The DxFarm will allow users to stake liquidity tokens (granted from providing liquidity to DxSwap) to receive rewards. This AMM and yield farming system will truly make the DxSale ecosystem a one-stop-shop as they will be able to list tokens directly on their AMM. These features have limited information as they are to be released in late 2021, so stay tuned for further developments.

Binance Smart Chain

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The DxSale network has launched on the BSC following its chain agnostic vision. The DAO identified an increased number of users on the chain alongside the multiple recent rugpulls and decided to deploy their DxLock and DxLaunch products. Ultimately, the DAO quickly integrated on the BSC as they noticed their ecosystem services were needed. Anyone can now effortlessly create a token, raise capital and lock liquidity in PancakeSwap using the DxSale ecosystem. The DAO was able to migrate to the BSC in a matter of days while many projects still lag. To date, it is the only product that is providing a complete token ecosystem on BSC network.


The team has a lot of developments on the way to complete their ecosystem. Currently, only a portion of the ecosystem is operating, such as DxLaunch, DxLock and DxStake. The following roadmap outlines the coming features and the quarter in which the team aims to release them:

Q1 2021

DxStake integration with DxLaunch

DxLock Alpha

New staking app and UI features

Q2 2021

Partnership onboarding

DxLaunch 1.5

Multi chain Bridge

Q3 2021

Partnership Onboarding #2

DxNFT Alpha

Concluding Thoughts

The DxSale DAO has identified a weak point in the current De-Fi landscape and has capitalized on it. The DxSale ecosystem aims to allow users to create their own utility tokens all through one Daap effortlessly. With features such as the DxLock and DxLaunch, the whole token creation process is accessible to anyone. The DAO has been quick to act recently, bringing their services to the BSC. Further, the DAO continues its innovation with a jam-packed roadmap for the following year. As more products are released, the ecosystem will only become more robust, and further serve its chief mission of creating a one-stop token management platform.

DxSale can relieve the headache that the average user would have to go through for listing their own token. In short, this ecosystem provides the much-needed infrastructure to the De-Fi landscape allowing new protocols to launch their utility tokens easily.

Source : bsc.news

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