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The decentralized autonomous token platform has seen a large amount of success during their first year of operation.

Introducing DxSale

DxSale is a blockchain-agnostic autonomous ecosystem that offers a variety of crypto services that are completely free of human intervention. The platform currently supports a variety of chains including Binance Smart (BSC), Polygon, and Ethereum, with 8 chains in total supported.

DxSale was first launched in August of 2020, and the platform has seen a notable amount of growth and innovation during their first year of operation. At conception DxSale allowed anyone to create and launch a new token using smart contracts, removing any sort of middleman.

Token creators were not required to deposit liquidity into a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which made it easier to launch.

Where DxSale Is Now

A lot has changed in just a short year for the platform. The DxSale ecosystem is now home to multiple tools for blockchain users. DxSale has hosted the launch of many successful projects, including Safemoon, ElonGate, Everise, and MiniBabyDoge. The platform boasts over 3,500 successful launches since their inception.

The DxSale team has confirmed there are many future plans to be implemented including integrating new chains like Cardano and Solana, which could increase the exposure of their platform to even further heights.

DxSale Tools

DxLaunch – DxLaunch is the initial product offered by DxSale, allowing people to create and launch tokens. The product is governed by the $SALE token, which is used to reward early investors and back the launches. For people who use DxStake, part of the proceeds from launches are awarded to stakers.

DxStake – DxStake is a scaling staking program where user yield increases as products and users are added to the product. There is a 2% staking fee and an 8% unstaking fee. Half of the fee is burned to reduce 

DxLock – DxLock allows instant locking of DxLaunch sales with their Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). There are also external locking features with added incentives.

DxSwap – DxSwap is a Uniswap-style platform for users to trade new tokens launched on the DxSale platform. There is automatic liquidity provision from presale profits.

DxFarm – DxFarm is an upcoming feature that will allow users to farm yields on the DxSale platform.

$SALE Token

The $SALE token has grown from $.10 to $1.75, indicating the exposure DxSale has obtained. The main driver for the token increase however has been from their buy and burn tokenomics which uses half of all platform revenue to buy and burn the $SALE token which results in sustained buying pressure and deflation of the token supply. 

This graph shows how the token has begun a steady rise to their current success. With the many future plans the DxSale team has yet to implement, the rise could be far from over.

Future Plans

DxSale is preparing to launch V3 of their platform, bringing a slew of upgrades for users. The focus of V3 will be to eliminate any potential scam launches on the platform, as well as refine their DAO to become further decentralized.

DxLaunch will have a built-in scanner by TokenSniffer, as well as multi-Automated Market Maker (AMM) capability. There will be an audit portal and a KYC portal built-in, as well as an emergency withdrawal function for users to get funds quickly.

V3 will allow $SALE holders to initiate buy-and-burns, as well as sell tokens received from launches on the platform. The DxSale team has referred to this as the “final step” towards complete decentralization, leaving full platform power in the hands of users.

One of the new products launching will be DxAirdrop, allowing users to seamlessly create airdrops of their launched tokens. DxSale will also be introducing DXMINT, a new ‘earn’ token with dev-fee structuring. 

The platform will also be rolling out their DxFairLaunch service, which will allow developers to create completely fair launches on the platform. This will ensure that all sales take place at their given time and with their given amount, as each sale will be run through a smart contract that ensures their launch process.cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?type=text%2Fhtml&key=96f1f04c5f4143bcb0f2e68c87d65feb&schema=twitter&url=https%3A//twitter.com/dxsale/status/1427404751952613380&image=https%3A//abs.twimg.com/errors/logo46x38.png

Concluding Thoughts

The DxSale platform has an impressive list of accomplishments. Their decentralized system has left the power in the hands of the user, ensuring that the community dictates how the platform is run resulting in DxSale becoming the most popular launchpad in crypto. With their future plans in V3 of their platform, DxSale seems to be on a path towards complete decentralization – something very attractive to many crypto investors.

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