DungeonSwap Says ‘End of October’ for V2 Update

Encouraging weeks ahead for DungeonSwap as developments ensue.

Developments Up-Ahead

DungeonSwap remains on task to roll out their V2 Update in the coming weeks, while the team has also released the Beta version in advance to work out any kinks. 

A select number of users have been able to enjoy the beta game via Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) testnet and even have the chance to pick up an exclusive NFT in the process. 

“Try the latest version of the game on the BSC testnet! 50 selected contributors will be rewarded with a heavenly globe (dark version) relic NFT!” the team tweeted. “Fill the latest form bit.ly/3FCT9pr and win the relics! #GameFi #P2E #PlayToEarngames #playtoearn.”


DungeonSwap is looking to breakthrough in a growing and lively play-to-earn industry that grows each day. Dungeon-style games are some of the original hits in the gaming industry, with arcade classics like Doom and Gauntlet to real-world fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Airdrop Contest

If that wasn’t enough to excite users, the latest Airdrop Contest will see the team giving away a total of 6,000 $DND, the equivalent of $8,400+. 

500 mini prizes: 2 $DND each (worth $2.8+ each!

100 prize: 20 $DND each (worth $28+ each!)

5 grand prize: 300 $DND each! (worth ~$420+ each!)

1 epic prize: 500 $DND (worth ~$700+!)

To participate, users will be asked to do the following tasks before filling out the necessary details in this specially crafted form.

Start a discussion on DungeonSwap

Place a comment about DungeonSwap

Make a video about DungeonSwap (Link email to specified YouTube channel)

Write an article about DungeonSwap

Simply tweet about DungeonSwap

606 users will eventually be chosen to earn the prize, but you will have to hurry as the submission deadline looms on November 7th.

Battle of the DApps

If you want to learn more about DungeonSwap or indeed any of the other projects competing in Battle of the DApps, then make sure to follow their progress and see how they manage to distinguish themselves.  

About DungeonSwap

DungeonSwap describes itself as a decentralized table-top RPG style web game on the Binance Smart Chain with yield farming features and exclusive NFTs. They are a recent project that has been making confident strides in the right direction but have some way to go before establishing themselves within a hugely competitive market. 

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Source : bsc.news

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