DungeonSwap Co-Founder Joins BSC News Subreddit for AMA

DungeonSwap founder highlights the ‘future block information’ that make the protocol unique.

DungeonSwap AMA on Reddit

The BSC News Subreddit played host to an Ask Me Anything on November 4th with DungeonSwap. The anonymous co-founder and lead project developer sat in for about an hour to answer over twenty questions from the community. 

The topics of the questions showed a wont to learn more about the project’s development and more about the developers themselves. The team has hit several marks on its roadmap with a focus on long-term goals. The top question focused on growing the marketing campaign to which the founder explained its plans.

“In short term, we are reaching out to more communities, inviting P2E guild to try our games, improve communication to let user understand the value & profitability of our P2E game,” they wrote. “In longer term, we are seeking more partnerships including the “official” ones, and of course to continue develop the V3 of the game so that we can scale up DungeonSwap to the mainstream being our long term target.”

DungeonSwap is building games for a sustainable future. The team has plans to bring their project and games to various blockchains while keeping the same token. The protocol ultimately seeks ways to optimize the user experience through mechanisms like cheaper gas fees.

Featured Randomness by DungeonSwap

The safety and security of the project and its developers were also topics in a few questions. The anonymous guest was also keen to remind users that the anonymity was out of the safety and security of the team who may reside in jurisdictions unfriendly to crypto. 

The longest answered question focused on specialized innovation from DungeonSwap, which makes the game unique. The game uses future block information, a feature uncommon across crypto. 

“DungeonSwap’s invention is that we use “future block information” when generating our random number. This is essentially impossible to hack because each user, when they press the attack button (or “send the attack transaction”), nobody on earth would know what the result will be, because the future block is not generated yet,” wrote the Dev in response to u/pio2020’s questions. “This makes our battle result unpredictable by anyone.”

DungeonSwap is looking to build out more games and features using this uniques process of future blocking information. The project can do well to market this feature for the safety and security of its games. 

For the entire AMA, check it out here.

Source : bsc.news

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