Duelist King is the First GameFi Project IFO on PancakeSwap

Duelist King invites users to participate in what would become the first Initial Farm Offering on PancakeSwap after a six-month hiatus.

Long-awaited Initial Farm Offering 

PancakeSwap remains the home of the best IFOs (Initial Farm Offering) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). After hosting IFOs for several top BSC projects, including Hot Cross and Belt.fiPancakeSwap looks set to add Duelist King to its growing list of IFOs. 

Duelist King’s IFO will become the first GameFi project IFO on the number one Decentralized exchange (DEX) on BSC and the first IFO after six months.

“Thrilled to be the 1st Gamify project launched on @PancakeSwap after 6 months. Brace yourself for our Initial Farm Offering this October 27th DK allies,” Duelist King tweeted on October 20th. 


The upcoming IFO is a follow-up to the protocol’s Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Occam.fi. Already, the IDO is ongoing, and users who missed out can participate in the IFO powered by PancakeSwap DEX. Furthermore, the Non-fungible token (NFT) card game with its $DKT token will commence its IFO on October 27th. 

IFO Details 

Duelist King posted the most important details of the IFO on October 20th  via Twitter after its successful proposal on PancakeSwap. According to the GameFi protocol’s October 20th publication, over 3.5 million people who account for 99.81% of the top DEX’s community voted for Duelist King’s IFO hosting. 

“With extreme pride, we would like to announce that the $DKT IFO proposal has passed! Over 3.5 million people who account for over 99.8% of PancakeSwap community members have voted for this to happen!” the blog read. 

The IFO sale would start at 10 AM UTC and end at 11 AM UTC on October 27th. A total of $437,500 in CAKE-BNB LP tokens will be raised. In addition, 250,000 $DKT would be available for purchase at $1.75 per DKT. Here’s a summary of the IFO sale: 

Sale start: 10 AM UTC on Wednesday, October 27th 

Sale end: 11 AM UTC on Wednesday, October 27th 

Amount raised: $437,500 in CAKE-BNB LP tokens 

Tokens sale: 250,000 DKT (2.5% of initial DKT total supply)

Price: 1DKT = $1.75 

CAKE burn from sale: $218,750

Interested stakeholders should visit PancakeSwap’s DKT IFO proposal page to learn how to participate in the IFO. 

What is Duelist King? 

Duelist King is a blockchain-powered card game underpinned by fair distribution and incentives for all stakeholders. The NFT game is powered by an in-house Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Oracle, and a Random Number Generator. 

Duelist King is the first generational NFT card game that aims to transform users’ gameplay and help them participate and earn by playing top-notch card games. In addition, the game is designed to build a sustainable future of Play-to-Earn gaming. 

Where to find Duelist King: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper 

Source : bsc.news

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