Duel Network Football Launches With Never Lose P2E GameFi

‘Fun’ should always remain the keyword when it comes to gaming and Duel Network’s GameFi launch appears to have plenty of it.

Duel Network Kick-Off PlayToEarn Project

Duel Network has officially unveiled its new GameFi offering with Duel Soccer after teasing screenshots of gameplay in previous weeks.

The announcement was made official via Twitter on March 19, after the team had previously indicated they were hard at work on development in the previous week on Medium

“We are very happy to be able to play and develop Duel Soccer together with Duelists. Get better together and of course never lose!” the enthusiastic team exclaimed via Medium.

The project team will be pleased to get their initial launch off the ground but will also likely be wondering just how the space will react to their offering. Questions regarding earning opportunities remain within the game, especially with the term ‘Never Lose’ leading the game’s marketing.

The project has encouragingly already been touted as a top performing project in the last seven days by BSC Amy. Keeping up this momentum will be instrumental in engaging users and securing further development. 

How to Play?

Users can dive into the game here but as they connect their wallet they will need to have the relevant NFT in their wallet to be able to play. 

Users are still able to mint one of these NFTs at the time of writing at a cost of 50BUSD, currently 1923 / 3250 have been minted. The simplistic gameplay and how your NFTs will be utilized can be seen below.

The idea behind the game is simple, win the game by scoring more goals in the 90 seconds you are given. If the opponent leaves the game during the game, you will win 3–0 automatically. 

You can move the character left-right by using the A-D or right-left arrow keys. You can jump with the W or up arrow key and shoot with the Space key. If you shoot while holding down the S or down arrow key, it will shoot from high. You can raise the ball with the G key.cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?type=text%2Fhtml&key=96f1f04c5f4143bcb0f2e68c87d65feb&schema=twitter&url=https%3A//twitter.com/duel_network/status/1498412161214951424&image=https%3A//abs.twimg.com/errors/logo46x38.png

Creating a viable product in the current GameFi climate will prove difficult with several AAA Studios now operating in the space. The very first thing these PlaytoEarn projects need to be is fun, and Duel Network certainly offers an enjoyable game. Whether this will be enough to attract plenty of users, we are yet to find out. BSC News will be following closely.

What is Duel Network

Duel Network is a gaming token on Binance Smart Chain with a number of impressive features. It is a gaming token where you can play events that are suitable for voting, such as politics, finance, state elections, especially sports. The most important feature of Duel Network is that you never lose. You will be able to do farming by entering pools through preferences and voting without losing your capital.

Where to find Duel Network:
Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium | Whitepaper |

Source : bsc.news

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