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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today?

Pascal: Hello BSC Daily, thank you for inviting me for this AMA. I’m good and feeling really excited!

BSC_Daily Admin: Alright, shall we begin?

Pascal: Go go go.

Q1: To start the AMA, please have a quick introduction to the community. What is Drapia all about? Team background & their experience?

Pascal: First about Drapia. Drapia is a blockchain game that combines bests of both worlds: Interesting turn-based strategy genre and NFT assets system. Also, Drapia has a deep story that lies beneath, and aims to be an open & fair world where players are rewarded for their investments and their talents.

About the team, Drapia is a combination of teams from various fields such as Finance, Game developing, Security Solution, Blockchain dev and Marketing. Our experts have many year of experience in their major and well-known.

For example our CMO is working in Finance field, before that in VinGroup.

Our Head of Game Dev is over 10 years in game developing and balancing, so we believe Drapia will be a buzz in the coming periods.

Thank you for the question!

Q2: Is the project oriented towards a model like Axie or YGG (Scholarship model)?

Pascal: Wow, scholarship model, I’m really impressed by that model in Axie. That help communities growth a lot.

We all know that Investors, Players, Gamers need community to interact, so be Drapia. The Gaming Guild and Scholarship Model is a very smart model to keep Gamers loyal to the game. Drapia will inherit all the good of that model to bring value to our gamers, players, and investors.

I hope this will fit you guys.

Q3: But  why did the Drapia Team choose to build your game on BSC? Why not Fantom or Matic?

Pascal: BSC, Fantom and Matics are good platforms for NFTs Game. However, BSC has been launching for a long period, acquiring a lot of users, and they get used to using and interacting on the BSC system. So if we launch on a new platform, it will be difficult for our users to join Drapia. We chose to build our game on BSC first, and later, of course Drapia will be Fantom and Matic.

Q4: In the WhitePaper, we saw that one of the project aims is to apply AR/VR technology into Drapia, so what will the Drapia Team do to make this come true?

Pascal: Have you played Pokemon Go yet? Feeling great? AR and VR are the technologies of the future, I opine that within 2-3 years, it will make user interaction with the metaverse easier than ever. Drapia is no exception to this trend. AR will help players interact with other players, with dragons, with battles in the most true way. Moreover, we have an Ar/VR expert in our team, DR.Ton Le PhD at SIC-XLIM laboratory, Doctor School of informatics science and engineering. So we are really building the AR/VR for DRapia and coming product, not just a promise. And in the future when VR develops, users can integrate and interact in the dragonverse of Drapia. Don’t forget to play Drapia to enjoy this function when AR/VR is released.

Q5: With the current explosion of Blockchain Gaming, a series of new projects have been born, but the security factor of smart contracts cannot be guaranteed, leading to the widespread hacking and serious loss of property, user. So how can Drapia ensure the absolute safety of user assets in the upcoming game launch?

Pascal: Yeah, hacking is a serious problem these days, many projects were hacked and investors lost their investment. But Drapia has this advantage. With a team with experts from TTC Solution, more than 5 years of experience in Blockchain and more than 15 years in Software industry, Drapia is deploying a safe backend system, to ensure the property of users and one more surprise: With the accompany from one of our Security Advisor Mr.Van Hoang – Chairman of Savis – The top B2B Security Solution in Vietnam, with many years building solutions for Worldwide Businesses, will ensure the secure of smart contract as well as user property. So when playing Drapia, the investment of our investors is secured

Q6: Currently, there are many typical NFT games like axie infinity that are very popular. With such competition for players, what will game developers do to create competitive advantages?

Pascal: hmm, we should go about the NFTs Game Market first. According to Drapia market research, the game market is valued at $200B, in which, Gamefi is valued at $47B and 30 top games have taken over $30B, so the market has a lot of chances for Drapia to grow up.

So, we won’t put Axie or other games as our opponents, and focus on converting gamers from Traditional Game Market to Gamefi.

Axie is our idol, lol.

About Drapia, as you can see in our Whitepaper, we have a lot of advantages:

– Tech team from top company with blockchain development and security solution

– Advisor team in finance

– Game Operation team with both Elofun, expert in game development, and Mr.Son Aris, expert in game design and balancing

– Marketing team for both field Game and Finance

And Drapia is inspired from a dragon famous game with over 200M global download so that will be a huge advantage for Drapia when launching in the market

Q7: Where can we find out more about Drapia on social media?

Pascal: yeah w8 a minute, I will send you guy the link to our social media.

You guy can find our project from the link below.

Twitter (twitter.com/DrapiaOfficial) | Global Channel (t.me/drapiachannel) | Global Group (t.me/drapiaofficial) | Youtube (www.youtube.com/channel/UCXOMfH_fclCmZJMT-iLZ_Bw) | Facebook (www.facebook.com/DrapiaOfficial) | Instagram (www.instagram.com/drapiaofficial/) | Medium (drapia.medium.com/) | Discord (discord.gg/EefVkFXpyb) | Website (www.drapia.io/)

BSC_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Drapia.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Pascal: Thank you so much for inviting me and Drapia to such a warm and great community. Thank you for spending time with Drapia tonight. I hope you guy will go to the moon with Drapia and earn a lot of wealth in the future.

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you and take care!

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