Dragonary Updates Community with Plans for Greater Player Interaction

The update focuses on creating a more social and interactive ecosystem for users.

Dragonary Releases Exciting Updates 

Dragonary is always looking for ways to enhance its Non-fungible token (NFT) GameFi protocol. As a result, the game has released an update, showcasing the upcoming exciting projects and features.

The latest update shows that the GameFi protocol wants to strengthen the bond between players. Dragonary intends to focus on making its game more social and creative. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Play-to-Earn (P2E) protocol made its intentions clear on Twitter and Medium

“You’ve been asking for it, so we deliver,” tweeted Dragonary on 19th October. “It’s been eleven weeks we’ve worked hard to strengthen bonds with all of you.” 


The update, termed “What are we building?” features numerous exciting integrations. According to Dragonary’s blog, users can expect new additions focused on improving players’ interaction. Some of the features include the Friends tab, Dungeons, Magical powers, Player vs. Player (PVP), and many more. 

Highly Interactive GameFi Ecosystem

The Dragonary article talks about its plans to create a friendly environment for users. This means that users would get to add and interact with their friends while they play the game. This feature, known as the Friends Tab, spearheads the other top-notch integrations by the GameFi project. 

“Right now, Dragonary’s focus and priority has become making the game more social and interactive. As of right now, we are working on implementing the Friends tab, so you can add other players to your friends list and check their dragons, account rarity and much more later on too!” The post read on 19th October. 


Since its inception in July 2021, the Dragonary game has expanded across the GameFi industry.  The Free-to-Play P2E game is now available on PC, laptop, MAC, or any Android and iOS mobile device. In light of this, the protocol released the update to clarify its growing community on what projects its diligent team is building. 

“We are aware that our community wants to know how everything is going. That’s why we bring you “what are we building?”, an article where you’ll find every project our team is working on,” the protocol wrote on Twitter

Read Dragonary’s article to learn more about its upcoming project. 

What is Dragonary? 

Dragonary is a Free-to-Play P2E NFT game built for anyone with little or no knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency. The game ensures that users profit from every minute spent on the platform. Therefore, everyone is rewarded for participating in the game. 

The Dragonary ecosystem features unique NFT dragons with zero transaction fees. With its $CYT token, the game is built on BSC, ensuring fast, lightweight, and secure transactions. Being a free game, users can enjoy all of Dragonary’s content without paying. However, users who enjoy the game can explore its NFT marketplace to purchase better dragons, items or power-ups, and enjoy an exciting NFT GameFi experience. 

Where to find more about Dragonary:

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Source : bsc.news

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