Dragon Mainland’s Fire Dragon Egg NFTs Sell Out in 3 Seconds

The speed at which the NFTs sold out is a promising sign for a project seeking to become an industry leader in GameFi.

All Eggs Sell Out

On October 15th, Dragon Mainland’s Fire Dragon Non-Fungible Token (NFT) 1,000 global limited-edition eggs were sold out in 3 seconds. The rapid sellout came after the NFT of Genesis Dragon Egg became a sensation on Twitter among their community.

It was so popular that the fervor even overloaded the server of Dragon Mainland, causing delays in receiving the NFT of Fire Dragon Egg. What caused this sensation which exceeded the prior expectation of project operators?  

In 3 Seconds, 1,000 NFTs Sold Out

According to an announcement by the official Twitter account of Dragon Mainland, the Fire Dragon Egg — one of the Genesis Dragon Eggs — launched the rush sale at 4PM UTC. A total of 1,000 Fire Dragon Eggs were sold out at a price of 0.1 BNB. The release of Fire Dragon Egg NFT was the first among the five Dragon Egg NFTs. 

The congested traffic overloaded the server of Dragon Mainland, causing delays of distributing the NFTs and buyers were unable to receive their purchased NFTs. Once the server was reinstated, all NFTs were successfully sent to the users.

Under the sold out announcement on Twitter, some netizens commented that they are willing to buy the NFTs at 0.3 BNB, a three-time increase from the original price.

The Dragon Egg NFT Becomes a Hit

The Fire Dragon Egg NFT was a success at the very beginning, adding momentum for the sale of other Dragon Egg NFTs.

First and foremost, Dragon Mainland itself is a project with only 10,000 Genesis Dragon Eggs, and 2,000 eggs for each type. There were currently 1,000 sold-out Fire Dragon Eggs, and 1,900 NFTs each for the Water Dragon and Storm Dragon. The sale of the Dragon Eggs is not over yet; 500 more of them will be reserved for the community. Early stages of the sale will be kept at a low price, but chances for a price surge are predictable considering the speed of the sellout. Buying the Dragon Egg NFTs is a necessary condition for participating in Dragon Mainland. By joining in the rush sale, users can purchase it with the lowest price and highest value expectancy. 

From the perspective of the whole market, the combination of NFTs with games is a mainstream success. Under the influence of the dominance of dApps, Dragon Mainland, with its recent sale of the Genesis Dragon Egg, creates a new and rare chance for users who have missed prior opportunities to join in the trend. The kickoff of the NFT sale gives users who have made the purchase in the rush sale an opportunity to start with a win. 

According to DappRadar, user base growth of GameFi dApps topped all dApps in Q3 metrics. and it was predicted that Q4 will maintain this momentum, indicating that games will dominate the development of the crypto market in the future. Dragon Mainland could lead the development as one of the major forces in the market.

Sales Continue for the Dragon Egg NFTs

As of now, Dragon Mainland has finished sales of the NFTs of Fire Dragons and Water Dragons. At 12PM UTC on October 21st, the third sale of Dragon Egg NFT for the Storm Dragon started with a total of 1,900 NFTs which have also sold out!

In light of the popularity of the previous sales, users who want to join in the rush sale should prepare early for the next round. Participants should notice that each account can only purchase one Dragon Egg NFT. It takes multiple accounts to obtain the NFT if users have made the purchase in the previous sales.

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