Dragon ball Finance AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts Dragonball Finance–the first fully decentralized sustainable all in one DeFi platform on the BSC. All Questions answered by @Shanron

Lola (AMA HOST): Welcome Shanron

Hope you’re good.

Shanron: yes I am great

Lola (AMA HOST): Good to hear that.

So shall we start?

Shanron: Yes I can’t wait and I am sure the community is also ready !!

Lola (AMA HOST): Sure they are. 😊

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and Dragon Ball Finance? Could you tell us your role in the project and briefly introduce Dragon Ball Finance?

Shanron: Yes of course !

Dragonball Is the first All In One DeFi platform with the coolest of all themes. 

it is a protocol that allows you to have sustainable gains backed by a constant income that is generated through all DBF products.

I am the CEO and founder of the protocol, 

I gather team members and advisors and hire professional coders to develop the smart contracts.

I have been in crypto since 2016, when I was shocked by blockchain technology and  witnessed ICO and tokens in general 100x and then lose 99.99% of their value the day after.

I left crypto aside for a couple of years after the bubble, graduated and found a job in finance.. and then Uniswap came out..And history begun..

Lola (AMA HOST): This sounds great.

Q2. How many team members do you have working with you? And can you also tell us their roles?

Shanron: We started small with one developer, one designer and me.

We recently had the chance to hire new team members especially experienced devs that are now focusing maily on the IFO platform and NFT marketplace !

The website as well is being rebranded and redesigned to give it the look it deserves !

Lola (AMA HOST): That’s great. And how has been the Journey so far?

Shanron: it has been great I gotta say

the community has backed us and we are growing daily, we also made so many progress on the development side, and once all use case will be applied I can really see this Dapp competing with top bsc projects !!

Q3. Can you tell us how Farming and staking works in Dragon Ball Finance? What’s the reward Percentage?

Shanron: Farming and staking is very similar to pancake and similar platform we have created a full path tutorial to guide investors in the process, feel free to check it out here

the reward percentage is based on current price liquidity in the pool, token emission, pool multiplier and is a variable not a constant. Everyone can check it live on the top right of each farm at dragonballfinance.org/farms

Q4. Has your Smart Contract been audited? If he’s, who audited it? And can you show us the report? As the security of the Community matters.

Shanron: Yes, we believe investors security and safety is the highest priority, that’s why we audited our contracts as soon as they were out and we will keep auditing with other reputable companies as we organically grow.

here’s the link:

Q5. How many Partners do you have? And what do you expect from them?

Shanron: We have several partner and advisors and are in talks with many potential future partners, but we believe that NFT marketplace and IFO launchpad have the priority as they are one of the most important products needed in the space !

Lola (AMA HOST):

That’s good. And what stage do you plan to make that happen?

Shanron: IFO platform is being worked on and should be ready by next week !!

NFT marketplace is much more complicated and it will take around a month

we have another dev working on the first DBF casino game, and should be up at the beginning of te month!

that will really boost DBALL use case and price in my opinion

Q6. Can investors get in now? Or it’s late to buy cheap and Hold to get rewards? And can you give out steps and details to do that?

Shanron: Yes you can buy DBALL now and stake it on the staking pool or provide liquidity for it and stake it the website to earn constant reward !!

follow the steps outlined in the tutorial for getting in early and not missing the dragonballfinance train !!

Q7. Can you share with our community the plans you and your project have for this year and the coming years?

Shanron: Dragonballfinance is here to stay,

We have built a roadmap that allow the project to create an ecosystem where the native token as multiple use cases in the protocol generating demand and scarcity for the token.

here is a list of the products we plan to implement that will directly or indireclty benefit DBALL and its holders:

Launchapad IFO (half of raised funds is used to burn DBALL)

NFT marketplace (anyone can list their NFT and anyone can buy them only with DBALL)

Super Saiyan pools (DBALL holders will be able to stake DBALL and earn BNB)

Casino platform (users can only play with DBALL, lost DBALL is burned)

Charting tool ( a tool similar to chartex or dextools where anyone can track any token and if you hold a certain amount of DBALL you unlock pro features)

Farming As A Service platform (host other protocol farms and use a % of LP deposit fee to buy back DBALL and burn it)

stable coins


lending and borrowing

expansion to other chains

much much more !!

Lola (AMA HOST): Great👍

Q8. What are the major challenges of Dragon Ball Finance and how do you intend to solve them?

Shanron: Major challenge right now is fighting inflation, we used to have too many non native farms and pools that allowed non native farmers to sell too many DBALL, so we removed most of them and added new native farms, also we plan to improve DBALL price and liquidity through layer farming , a perpetual way of high risk high reward gains that will happen weekly and will boost DBALL price and liquidity !!

Lola (AMA HOST): That’s a great move.

Q9. Share with us all the links about DballFinance, so that readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.

Shanron: 🐉Welcome to DragonBall Finance!🐉

 🔮What is DragonBallFinance?

DragonBallFinance is the first fully decentralized self sustaining all in one defi platform on the Binance Smart Chain network that brings the dragonball theme in the current boring foody name defi world.

DragonBallFinance will implement several products and mechanics that ensure the sustainability of the project even in the long term perspective.


🐉DragonBall Token($DBALL)

📖Token contract:



✅Initial Supply: 410,000 $DBALL

✅Liquidity raised with SaltSwap Launchpad

✅IDO price 1 BNB = 500 $DBALL 

✅IDO allocation 25,000/250,000 $DBALL 

✅soft cap/hard cap 50/500 BNB 

✅Listing price 1 BNB = 400 $DBALL 

✅partnerships, marketing and contests funds 15,200 $DBALL (all locked for the first 2 weeks, community will decide how to use them)

(All unsold tokens will be burned)

‼️DBALL IDO will be on Monday the 5th and it will be hosted by SaltSwap IDO Launchpad‼️

Senzu Token ($SENZU)

Senzu token will be the token used to reward layered farming investors.

❗️7% stacking fee will be applied and used for:

✳️40 % to buy back DBALL  and burn it

✳️40% buy back SENZU and burn it

✳️20% allocated to further platform developments

💸 Liquidity Locked Forever

💸 LP Tokens Burnt

🔮 Future Goals:

🕔 NFTs and marketplace

🕔 Lotteries

🕔 Games

🕔 IDO platform

🕔Charting tool

🕔Lots more !!

🔮 Key Information:

🐲DragonBallFinance buy back an burning features: 🐲

✳️3% deposit fee will be charged at staking. 

✳️2% withdrawal fee will be charged when unstaking. 

Fees breakdown

✳️50% will be used for weekly burns

✳️50% for the project’s products funds.

✳️5% of minted tokens for emergency and development funds

🌐 Website – www.dragonballfinance.org/

🐉 Official Telegram Channel – t.me/dragonballfinance_org

🔥 Announcements – t.me/dragonballnews_org

💰 Price chat – TBA

⌨️ Discord – TBA

☀️ Twitter

📶 Medium

💻 Github

🕵️ Audit


Q10. Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy news for us in BSC News today?

Shanron: Yes as I previously mentioned we have three major news this week !!

1) we will be launching layer2 with SENZU2 and renewed mechanics allowing this layer to be more stable and providig higher liquidity to native pairs !

2) Super Saiyan pools a pool where DBALL holders can stake their DBALL and receive BNB in exchange !!

3) IFO platform will be ready by next week and we will launch the first DBF Initial Farming Offering !!

Lola (AMA HOST):

We look forward to the three Great News.

Now we are done with the First session.

Thanks for your time. Twas a really a nice time with you Shanron

Source : bsc.news

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