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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello BSCDailers! Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily I appreciate you all for joining today’s session with Dragon! I’m Daley and I’m joined by Eden Robin – CEO at Dragon! Welcome Eden, how are you doing?

Eden Robin: Great, how about U

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m doing fantastically today as a matter of fact!

Eden Robin: Cool, when should we move forward?

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s a pleasure having you here with us Eden! Thank you for taking the time! We will start right now if you’re ready!

Eden Robin: Yeah am ready

Cryptodaily Admin: So let’s start today’s AMA with Dragon with my first question for the first segment:

Q1: Who are the core members of Dragon? Are you public? Also, tell us in short, your prior experiences with blockchain tech?

Eden Robin: The skeleton team members behind Dragon project:

Eden Robin – CEO & CTO. Eden is a team-oriented leader with a successful track record and experience spanning project management, technical management, product management, and UX (www.linkedin.com/in/eden-robin-b4897422)

Eugene Vincent – CO-FOUNDER & Art designer. Eugene is the chief art designer in the Dragon project and he is responsible for the graphic production of the Dragon web and P2E game (www.linkedin.com/in/eugene-vincent-2090bb46)

Cryptodaily Admin: I see, so the core members are you and Mr. Eugene. Seems like you guys are doing everything too Let’s move on to our next question about the project itself:

Q2: What is Dragon’s project about? Why build such a project to begin with?

Eden Robin: Dragon is a well-built P2E game inspired by the western dragon myth, featuring different powerful dragons and legendary kings. We wanna provide an immersive world where players can live together with those creatures of myth in the antediluvian period.

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh wow! So I would love to know more about the gameplay. You’re saying that Dragon is a well-build P2E game in your docs

Q3: Can you walk us through the gameplay to prove so? How can Dragon compete in the GameFi market?

Eden Robin: We will create various dragon NFTs with different features, bringing the dragons with different abilities and functions. Dragon levels range from level 0 to 99 and can be upgraded by gaining experience in combat or by using upgrade gems. We will also release territor NFT which is divided into village NFT, city NFT and empire NFT. Players can buy territories and build tribes on their lands, adding design elements to their tribes. We believe Dragon will be competitive in the bear market with highly-playable gameplay and well designed game.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok, starting with the dragons, territories,… all the way to building tribes, clans and fight for resources. And also, it seems like you’re building an entire ecosystem with NFT, marketplace,…

Eden Robin: Yeah

Cryptodaily Admin: Not just a game

Q4: What are the benefits of Dragon’s NFTs? What can holders do with them?

Eden Robin: We are trying to build a dragon metaverse. They can use Dragon NFTs to beat monsters or fight with other players to earn money, or they can just sell their NFT at a good price for profits.

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m sure as the game progresses, there will be tons of benefits and utilities for having these Dragon NFTs. Another important factor of a GameFi is the “Finance” part. That’s why I have my next question:

Q5: What is the tokenomics model of $Dragon and its use cases? How do you ensure the sustainability of the game in this bear market?

Eden Robin: $Dragon use cases: 

Governance: Players will be able to exercise their rights as token holders and participate in community governance. 

  • Payment: $ Dragon will be the game currency, and players can make payments using the $Dragon token. 
  • Staking: Players can stake their tokens to earn weekly rewards.

Cryptodaily Admin: And how do you ensure the sustainability of the game in this bear-ish market?

Eden Robin: $Dragon is a hyper-deflationary BEP20 standard token, which means there is no tax, and the token price will increase steadily as time goes by. Also, $ Dragon can be used to participate in community governance and staking. so we can make sure the token price won’t go down dramatically and then ensure the sustainability of the game

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok that’s pretty assertive! Let’s move on:

Eden Robin: Ok

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s one thing to maintain a healthy economics, it’s another to sustain the security

Q6: Are your contracts audited? How would you compensate the users in case of an attack?

Eden Robin: Yeah we’ve been audited by Quillaudits and we will set up funds to compensate the players if we get attacked due to code mistakes.

Cryptodaily Admin: Correct, here’s their audit report: github.com/Quillhash/QuillAudit_Reports/blob/master

There’s no 100% guarantee that contracts are invincible, someone at some point can take advantage of something. So at the end of the day, it depends on the devs to fix the situation, compensate the investors is one of the better ways of doing so imo. Alright, let’s talk about the future plans of Dragon

Q7: What are the development plans of Dragon? Will there be any exciting features coming up shortly in 2022?

Eden Robin: For development plans of Dragon pl take a look at our roadmap. Yeah the game V1 will come out shortly after launching.

Cryptodaily Admin: This is what I’m about to ask you too! the IDO, and also the presale you’re having. Here it is:

Q8: Where can we join Dragon now? Are there any early adopter’s benefits?

Eden Robin: For ppl who wanna join Dragon they need to go buy $Dragon on presale at launch, and then use the tokens to buy our NFTs  and start their journey in the dragon world. Sure the early adopters can mint the NFTs at a good price.

Cryptodaily Admin: Check it out people! They’re having a Presale on May 26th on Pink Sale. Join them if you’re interested!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Dragon

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Eden Robin: Don’t Miss our presale you will get 2x tokens than launching on pcs
Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Eden for being here with the BSCDaily community! All the best for you and the presale with Pink Sale

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