Doxxed, Kidnapped, and Left for Dead – The Harrowing Story Behind A Binance Investor

Binance reached out to a user who claims a story involving kidnapping, theft, and attempted murder.

Crypto Crime

The user claims to have been ‘strangled to death’  after enduring kidnap, having his phone taken, and Binance account drained of $523k in two separate payments

The user, currently known as @Mah_twittar, explained through a graphic thread that he was from Kaliningrad, Russia, and woke up in a forest, naked, hours later. The only way he could explain surviving the ordeal was that the cocktail of drugs he was under must have masked his pulse and thus given him a reprieve. 

“Extremely sorry to read this story. We’ve sent you a DM to see how we can help,” Binance responded very quickly to the seemingly outlandish tale. 

Source – One of two transactions of the apparent theft

Binance’s prompt response has lent an air of legitimacy to what would otherwise seem like a narrative from a Hollywood script. 

In a bid to bring clarity to the difficult affair BSC News spoke to the user, who notified us that:

“Some intensive investigation is ongoing with special forces and also I am busy with sending case to Binance, aside from that the details of investigation is still a secret until everyone is caught.”

Source | *Our original article showed an unedited image, we have since blurred the photo at the request of @mah_twittar*

Crypto Risks

No matter how the story ends up unfolding, and no matter if you actually believe it, there are inherent lessons to be learned for crypto users. 

Binance’s implementation of mandatory KYC was an initial signpost of the importance of evading fraudulent potholes.  

@Mah_twittar went as far as to unmask himself and uploaded a selection of pictures that highlighted the professed suffering he’d undergone. These have since been removed, and BSC News has blurred the photo at the request of the victim.

The user still counted himself lucky, and it appears as though his incredible story may well have put him in contact with the powers that be at Binance. But many users will be even ‘luckier’ to heed the warnings of such stories and make sure to have the correct safety measures in place. 

“I was lucky enough to get out of forest in complete darkness with 4°C to find nearest village and I was sent to ER and to fill later criminal case to police,” @Mah_twittar continued

Crypto is at an incredibly interesting juncture whereby a .jpeg can easily cost more than a Rolex. If you consider the degree of caution you would execute when handling a Rolex, then revert to your thoughts on your NFTs or .jpegs and think about whether you are exercising the same safety measures. The comparison is outlandish but may well bear thinking about. 

We’ll be following closely to see how this particular story transpires, but regardless of its verity, we absolutely underline the fact that all crypto users must exercise a degree of caution in protecting their funds, and most importantly themselves. 

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