Domino Earning World Announces Special Accessory Pre-sale with 20% Discount

With the game launch slated for April 2023, the accessories will enhance avatar performance.

Special Accessory Pre-sale

DEW, the online gaming platform, is holding a special accessory pre-sale with a 20% discount per piece. The special offer will be available until February 22 and can be accessed through DEW’s Marketplace.

These accessories are designed to increase Avatar performance and allow for increasing their percentages up to 80%. In addition, DEW has announced that VIP items will be available in future updates that can increase the Avatar percentage up to 90%.

Special Offers

It’s important to note that special Avatar and accessory offers will be activated only for a limited time during the weekend of February 24, 25, and 26 to end the pre-sale. This is a great opportunity for DEW users to obtain these items at reduced prices.

The Domino Earning World team is working hard to polish details and launch the game in April 2023. Online gaming enthusiasts can expect an exciting gaming experience with DEW.

DEW is also organizing community competition activities on the Discord channel. Anyone can join the channel at any time and participate in these exciting activities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your Avatar’s performance in DEW. Take advantage of the 20% discount per piece on accessory pre-sale before it ends on February 22, and keep an eye out for special offers during the weekend of February 24, 25, and 26. Join the DEW community today and get ready for the game launch in April 2023!

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