DollarDoge AMA Transcript

“An easy-to-play P2E game that combines popular meme coin characteristics with lovely puppy NFTs feature a unique utility”

1. Firstly please introduce yourself and the team behind DollarDoge


The skeleton team members include me, Kent and Elsa. You can find the introduction on our web:

thanks  for the question Tom

let’s move for next one

2. Thanks! What inspired you to create the Dollar Doge project?


Dollardoge was inspired by 2D parkour games, and we will release the beta version in the near future.

3. How is Dollar Doge different from other Memecoins/tokens already released?


We got utility nfts and P2E game just to be released, and we thinks that is different from some worthless meme coins.

4. You mention Dollar Doge being a P2E game, can you talk us through this a bit more?


Yeah! Basically it will be a 2D parkour game, In the game, you can control the lovely puppy to climb over obstacles, gain gold, and more. We also got plan to make it 3D.


Sweet! How do you plan to keep the P2E rewards sustainable in the long-term?


We will design a unique reward system for it. also we will buy back the NFTs to keep it valuable

5. Can you tell us about the tokenomics of DollarDoge before its release on Pinksale?


Tax 10%

5% for USDT reward given to holders and 5% for Marketing.

Anti-sniper, Anti-whale mechanism, and no one can hold more than 0.1% of the total supply.

6. Many thanks, can you tell us about your presale? How can people participate?


it’s public presale. everyone can join it.

$DollarDoge CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x454876d97098528d83e661eD3ddf19b10e397352

Only Public presale

⏰Time: 21st Feb @ 10:00 AM UTC

💸Min/Max Buy: 0.05 – 2 BNB

💵Soft/Hard Cap: 500 – 1000 BNB

💸Presale Price 1 BNB = 15 000 000 $DollarDoge

💸Launch price 1 BNB = 10 000 000 $DollarDge

🍰Goes live on PCS at 12:30 PM UTC Feb 21th

7. It looks as though you are releasing NFTs in the future, can you tell us about this and the utility of them?


yeah they are utility NFTs and can be used in our game

Using higher levels of doge NFTs to challenge and you’ll get higher rewards

8. Thank you for the info, Can you talk us through your roadmap and where you see yourself a year from now?


Sure. You can find the roadmap on our web. Except for that we also got some fantastic, long-term plans which will be announced soon.

9. Can you drop your social links below so people can join your communities and find out more about you?



🥳TG group:

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦TG channel:






thanks Tom for your professional questions.


Great, thank you for all the info! Thank you for your time Bruno, have a great evening 😎

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