DogemonGo Garners Trending Status on CoinMarketCap Following Soulja Boy Endorsement

Popular meme coin meets Pokemon for new game and gets hyped for a launch.

Popular ​​Endorsement

American rapper and record producer SouljaBoy has endorsed the Pokémon Go-inspired Dogecoin game, DogemonGo. DogemonGo combines the augmented reality gameplay of Pokémon Go with the meme-token popularity of Dogecoin in one single package. 

‘What do you get if you cross ‎Pokémon GO with DogeCoin?’ is the question that almost no one was asking until recently. DogemonGo is the answer, and the project is now trending on CoinMarketCap.

“​​Dogecoin being implemented into a game is absolutely fire! 🔥 The Only Game to earn Double the $DOGE – Play for Free & Hold $DOGO !!” tweeted Soulja Boy on Aug. 4.


In DogemonGo, players can earn $DOGO for catching Dogemon and $DOGE for holding $DOGO coins. Right now, there are only fourteen creature variations on the team’s roadmap, with much left to the imagination.

The app has garnered high speculation following a plethora of influencers “shilling” the token. This magnifies the risk of the token as it is a nano-cap token. The scale of this market is extremely small meaning a little capital can cause significant volatility – this is a high-risk high-reward meme token.

Trending Status

The idea of combining 2016’s most viral game with one of the most viral coins in crypto has caught the attention of more than a few users. 

According to trends on CoinMarketCap, interest in the project is notable. The project is currently sitting at #9 on the price-ranking site’s “Trending” list.

Trending at #9. Source: CoinMarketCap

Project DogemonGo even has its own song, which users can learn and sing along to if they so choose. It does not appear that SouljaBoy participated in any songwriting duties for the project.

Despite its trending status, DogemonGo’s currency $DOGO has had a challenging 24 hours, even while demonstrating considerable trading volume of $1,901,948.94. That significant volume had done little to support the value of its native asset, with $DOGO falling by 52.3% over the period to $0.0000317.


It’s still very early days for the DogemonGo project. Dogecoin and other Shiba Inu currencies have proven popular throughout 2021. Whether DogemonGo can capture some of crypto’s dogecoin enthusiasm remains to be seen. Only time will tell whether this particular rocket ship is headed to Mars or will instead explode on the launchpad.

Where to Find Dogemon Go:

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