DogeCoin Themed Oscar Mayer Wieners Sells on Auction for $15,000

Hot dog wieners go for an astonishing $15K at auction, as the winner also picks up 20,000 Doge coins.

Hot Doge Wieners 

After a total of 76 bids, the considerable sum of $15,000 claimed a pack of Doge-themed wieners and 20,000 dogecoins. The auction price shattered the prior Guinness Book of World Record for the highest price ever paid for a pack of hot dogs.

Oscar Mayer, owned by American food giant Kraft Heinz, began the auction on the 4th of August with an opening bid of $0.99. The 20,000 dogecoins had a sale value over $5k, according to CoinGecko at the time of writing. The significant sum will go toward Feeding America, a hunger relief organization that oversees 200 food banks across the nation.  

“WE DID IT! The #DogeArmy sent our Hot Doge Wieners TO THE MOON and raised $15,001.00 for FeedingAmerica” stated the official Oscar Mayer Twitter account on Aug. 8. 

A moon with a hot doge flag with the caption "Missions Accomplished!"

Why The Link-Up

Oscar Mayer was not the first organization to recognize the potential of making the most of dogecoin’s frantic popularity.

 A story reported on earlier this year by CoinDesk’s Danny Nelson saw a similarly themed marketing campaign by the champions of jerky Slim Jim. They teamed up with dogecoin and even went on to have a tangible impact on the token price.  

These tactical promotional campaigns will become much more common as the general market sentiment improves. The positive impact similar initiatives could have for charitable organizations like Feeding America will be mutually beneficial. As word-of-mouth and discussions follow these initiatives, so will the tangible donations. 

The cross-promotional campaigns between established household names and crypto can only be good for the distribution of knowledge and general market sentiment. 

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