DogeCoin Spinoffs Continue to Garner Market Attention

Wifedoge and Golden Doge find the top of the leaderboards on CoinMarketCap’s trending coins lists.

All Eyes on The Meme Coins

DogeCoin spinoffs Wifedoge and Golden Doge land across CoinMarketCap’s Best Crypto’s list, finding spots in both the Trending Currencies list and Most Viewed list.

Wifedoge currently sits in 5th place for top trending cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap, which is impressive considering CoinMarketCap tracks 35,000+ cryptocurrencies. For most visited pages on CoinMarketCap, Golden Doge is third most visited with Wifedoge coming in at 8th place at the time of writing. 

“WIFEDOGE now on 8,915 Holders and rising.” wrote Twitter account bscgems on August 30th commenting on the growth Wifedoge has seen in recent days. 

The post was soon retweeted by Wifedog’s Twitter

However, all the attention these Dogecoin spinoffs have amassed have amounted to mixed results for the two spinoffs in question. Golden Doge is down over 24% over the last 7 days, while Wifedoge is up nearly 500% over the last 7 days, according to CoinGecko

As time moves forward, it should be interesting to watch whether or not Golden Doge and Wifedoge can capitalize on the attention they have been receiving thus far. 

​​What is Golden Doge

Golden Doge is a community driven alt coin that offers a unique value proposition. 5% of every Golden Doge transaction is sent to their ‘Golden Vault’. 

Every 24 hours, users can withdraw their predetermined BNB rewards from the Golden Vault. How much each user is able to claim depends on how much of the total supply of Golden Doge one owns. The more GDOGE one holds, the more one can claim from the BNB pool. 

What is Wifedoge

Wifedoge is a community driven meme coin that plays on the idea of a mascot being the wife of the famous shiba inu mascot of Dogecoin. The platform boasts a static reflection tokenomics plan, with wallets reserved for charity as well as Elon Musk. According to their website 2% of each transaction is burned. 

When clicking the Wifedoge’s about page, there is no information on what Wifedoge does or its use case.

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