DogeCan AXE Spray Sells Out Within Minutes With Limited Supply of 1,000 Cans

Many potential customers were left disappointed after the inventory sold out so fast.

Smell of Doge

A limited run of 1,000 AXE DogeCans has sold out within minutes. The quick sales of the inventory left many customers empty-handed and distressed. The scarcity of the “crypto scent” inevitably led to some customers missing out.

Many were rueing the missed opportunity to buy in on one the most sought-after deodorants in the history of AXE.  

“I’ll cry later that I didn’t get one” As one Twitter user said.

Technical Issues

A number of people reported problems with the AXE website, and for some, their disappointment quickly turned to rage as they realised they’d been unsuccessful in their attempt to bag a can. One user went as far as to point out that the potential market for the deodrant was many times in excess of the number of available units, criticizing parent company Unilever in the process.

Curiosity Smells

As we previously reported, the “partnership” between AXE and Doge sees the deodorant enter the cryptosphere as the “48H crypto scent” – diversifying from its traditional market niche as the unmistakable scent of boys’ high school locker rooms.

With so few cans in circulation, the actual smell of the DogeCans is something the market can only speculate on. Rumors abound that the spray captures hints of wet dog blended with high notes of rocket ship fuel, held together in a deep, thick and dank Musk-filled ambrosia.  

Following the sale many users have requested that AXE considers making the DogeCan available to a greater number of people. Those eager customers may be sweating on the matter for quite some time. There is currently little to indicate that the company intends to bring DogeCans to supermarket shelves. 

What you could have got – DogeCan.

Very Wow

Some customers who were lucky enough to secure the highly coveted body spray have already received their cans – presented in a display box with an accompanying description which proclaims, “We’re going to the moon”. 

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, DOGE continues to trade for around $0.19 down from an all time high of $0.73 in May of this year. For now it seems that actual DOGE will remain grounded on our tiny blue planet, even as DogeCan prepares to blast off into space – where the lack of oxygen will mean that no one can smell it at all.

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