DODO Joins Twitter Spaces AMA Outlining Ecosystem Growth and Addressing Security

DODO’s Global PR Lead, Ethan Zhang, outlines DODO’s features and fields questions about the platform’s security.


DODO’s global PR lead Ethan Zhang joined BSC.News Twitter Spaces AMA to discuss what makes DODO unique, where the project is going, and field some hard-hitting questions from the decentralized finance (DeFi) community regarding DODO’s security. 

Zhang during the AMA event discussed some of the powerful features on DODO that separate the project, such as their PMM algorithmCrowdpoolingDashboardCreate a Token, and soon to come NFT integration. 

“Every user can find the features that suit their needs,” said Zhang, discussing the broad suite of features on DODO’s platform. 


The DODO PR lead explained DODO’s features and their use case but admitted that he was not a technical expert. He advised anyone looking for more detailed information to check out DODO’s white paper.

The AMA became quite interesting when the topic at hand focused on security and what DODO is doing to battle the ever-growing threat of malpractice and exploitation in the DeFi world. 

DODO in March 2021 was hacked for $2 million dollars using a fake token according to a Rekt News article on March 9th detailing the exploit.

A Common Theme of Security 

A theme that appeared throughout the Twitter Spaces’ AMA was that of security. Almost half of the community questions Zhang was asked during the AMA segment were geared toward DODO’s security or security in general. 

“DODO has been thoroughly audited, we’ve spent countless hours (to make sure) there are no loopholes within our smart contracts. DODO was attacked a few months ago, we lost some money but recovered a lot of the money that was stolen. Even when accidents do happen, we have the bandwidth to recover from the attack” Zhang commented in response to a community question about the platform’s security.  

Zhang is referring to an exploit that stole $2 million dollars from the DODO protocol. This immediately prompted another question from the audience asking about the “recovery of the funds, what happened? How could you recover the funds? What are you doing so it doesn’t happen again?”

Zhang, again telling that he was not a developer or technical expert, directed the curious individual to refer to the Rekt article detailing the exploit in depth. He then reiterated that DODO works incredibly hard to look over their contracts to inspect for weaknesses. 

What Now?

Zhang provided the resources and answers to what DODO is doing to prevent future attacks. All who asked about security seemed for the most part satisfied with Zhang’s responses. 

Zhang also shared some powerful updates for the platform, including DODO’s global expansion.  DODO has been successfully building its following and ‘communities’ around the world. 

He also teased an NFT feature that is planned to be launched in the foreseeable future. 

In addition, DODO’s PR lead noted that DODO soon plans to expand to multiple DeFi networks – “multi-chain.” Zhang also told listeners to stay up to date, as DODO will soon begin rolling out more community governance opportunities. 

As of now, the future of DODO looks bright. Zhang spoke at length about DODO’s continued global growth and features that propel DODO into a DeFi league of their own. Time will tell if DODO’s platform can garner the massive crypto user following they currently look to build.

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