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DNP, the deflationary NFT Platform, has created a reward system for holding holders that is independent of state or location.ADVERTISEMENT


Banking grew extremely prevalent as people were familiar with its concept, thus it was the way to store that money to keep it from theft, but it was in some way the disadvantage of the banking system, which changed its users. The problematic circumstances were: high transaction costs as a result of the participation of third parties, time loss as users had to stand at the bank for a lengthy time, and risk of large sums being redrawn. Speed is sluggish to operate. In the meanwhile, without notifying consumers, the bank may spend money for business. The downsides of this conventional method were these and many more.

Maybe since people’s knowledge hasn’t been continuously investigated and insights on what can be done to make the trading system more trustworthy than the paper money are still applied.

The blockchain took the system to a more digital age for the first time in the age of humanity, because it was all more manual than automated. The blockchain was developed more distinctive and exact than the financial system with so much technical progress. How it did not need paper cash because it had its own digital asset built for its purpose.

Nevertheless, the blockchain, which is so helpful to its users that it offers them an easy trading system, has some challenging properties because some projects don’t meet the required level that caused them fiat hearted and most of the time discourages them to an extent that mainly makes them unsafe when they are tempted with insufficient digital property. 


DNP Market

This feature is critical since it assists in providing incentives to its users, which in turn encourages them to utilize the site. As a non-fungible token market, it will allow users to list their NFtT for sale or purchase.

NFT Creator

DNP Greater

It gives customers the maximum capacity of generating NFT in 5 minutes by paying for DNP services using a token on DNP GREATER.

NFT Auction

It enables users to discover adequate chances for generating a good income from their creativity, such as painting, drawing, video, and so on, by auctioning their own work at a price suited to them or at a predetermined price.

Holders of the NFT token can auction their works (paintings/drawings/photo/audio/video/gif/nicknames and names), start trading on the minimum price and also the price (if the lot does not reach the target price) may be set by the owner of NFT.

The Deflationary NFT Platform

The deflationary NTF platform was intended to solve the whole problem since it is a project team that works hard to produce proper functions and protocols to overcome the challenge of the user on the blockchain.

This platform initially permits the purchasing, sale, auction and creation of NFT token. The transaction procedure is also possible. This ensures that transactions may be given at a faster rate to its customers when their users can retain their token in their wallet and earn it.

About DNP Token


The DNP coin is a deflationary NFT platform that enables anybody, regardless of state or location, to create liquid passive income using Binance Chain Smart Contracts. This network ensures greater speed and much cheaper network transaction costs. Also, a platform for buying, selling, auctioning and creating NFT tokens by DNP is in development. 

For each transaction, DNP token has a tax of 6% dispersed as follows:

2% is a reward for holders from each transaction – keep it in your wallet and earn

2% will be moved to liquidity to prevent the dump and ensure growth and stability

1% from each transaction will be burned, thus the deflationary mechanism will work

1% from each transaction will be used for marketing costs (listing fees, advertising)

What makes DNP different?

What distinguishes DNP from most other crypto-projects is that 80% of the tokens will be distributed via vested airdrop, presale, public sale, or added to liquidity on Pancakeswap & (CEX). 

The DNP Token is focused on changing and developing, while at the same time offering the most strong environment ever constructed for the much-needed improvements in DeFi, the fully functioning decentralized finance (DeFi). The DNP token allows users to develop and promote their work while getting passive revenue from all transactions.

In addition, the Deflationary NFT platform stated that 2 agreements with the leading exchange platform would be concluded successfully. (1.3 billion turnover) and (2 billion turnovers), with a listing on their website, are already interested and offered to DNP. This demonstrates the market’s acknowledgment of NDP Token’s growing potential. DNP Token confirms and makes a difference in its position in the marketplace.


The entire DNP tokens supply is 700 trillion (700,000,000,000,000) and they have all already been minted.

Token Distribution:

350,000,000,000,000 DNP (50%) – sold in the public sale on 15st of Jule and a minimum of 60% of earnings will be evenly added as liquidity into exchanges: Pancakeswap & (CEX). Any unsold DNP will be burned.

210,000,000,000,000 DNP (30% ) – is locked in DXsale for 1 year to start with.

63 000,000,000,000 (9%) – to the development team, for further development according to the roadmap schedule

70 000,000,000,000 (10%) – for the project team, as well as for marketing campaigns

7 000,000,000,000 (1%) – Fees


July – August 2021:

Website launch


Bounti Campaning


Public sale

Smart Contract audit

Listing CoinGecko & CMC

September – October 2021:

Website Upgrade

FEG Partnership

Big marketing company

Listing Exchange (CEX)

November – December 2021:

DNP Market (for NFT)

DNP Auction (for NFT)

DNP Greator (for NFT)

January – February 2022:

DNP Track: for web/ iOS/ Android

Listing Exchange (CEX)

March – April 2022:

DNP Chart

DNP Exchange

DNP Wallet


The deflationary mechanism brought the blockchain industrial revolution. DNP Token enables users to make passive income using Binance Smart Chain Contracts by constantly decreasing prices while purchasing power increases.

For each transaction, DNP tokens will cost a 6% tax which is eventually allocated to holders, liquidity, burning and marketing. With the DNP token, anybody may simply generate passive income irrespective of state or region.

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