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BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @Aphelios_DNAxCAT_Official!

BSCdaily – Admin: Nice to have you here with us today. How is your day?

Aphelios DNAxCAT: Very busy as always, but I am passionate.

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA? 

Aphelios DNAxCAT: Let’s do it!

Q1: Recently, the entire market has become active due to the concept of GameFi and Metaverse. DNAxCAT, incubated by YooShi GamePad is extremely popular in overseas markets. Could you please briefly introduce DNAxCAT to our community?

Aphelios DNAxCAT: Thanks to the host, DNAxCAT is very happy to be the first incubated project launched on YooShi GamePad. YooShi GamePad is the first game crowdfunding platform based on NFTs on the BSC which offers us a lot of help in terms of the GameFi system and blockchain technology. DNAxCAT is indeed very popular overseas at present, and the number of followers on Twitter reached 20,000 in just a few days. Among them, there are many famous people and KOLs in the blockchain field, and there are also many fans of DNAxCAT IP.

Aphelios DNAxCAT: Let me briefly introduce the IP of DNAxCAT first. It has high popularity in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, etc. At present, the general copyright agent of the entire IP belongs to UKIN TRADING CO., LTD., Japan and has obtained the authorization of the copyright owner.

Aphelios DNAxCAT: After introducing the IP background of DNAxCAT, let me give you a brief introduction to this game.

First of all, DNAxCAT is a game based on BSC.

The overall world view of DNAxCAT is built on the DNAxCAT IP world view. In the virtual adventure world of DNAxCAT, players can raise and breed a variety of cute cats and fight side by side with them in the adventure world.

At the same time, DNAxCAT is also an economy in which ownership is totally decided by players, allowing players to seamlessly sell and trade their game assets into cryptocurrency. DNAxCAT leads the trend of GameFi and “Play To Earn”, allowing players to earn by playing games.

The link to our official website of DNAxCAT is: dnaxcat.io, currently supports six languages and will continue to add other languages.

Q2: What is the core gameplay of DNAxCAT?

Aphelios DNAxCAT: As reflected in its name, the core gameplay of DNAxCAT is breeding based on the “DNA”. In the game, players can breed new and stronger generations of cats by raising any two cats; the “DNA” gene will determine the strength of the cat’s attributes and other aspects. There will be hero cats with unique DNA genes in the game. The cats in subsequent games will be bred from these hero cats, which will increase their values.

Aphelios DNAxCAT: In addition to the hero cat, there are hundreds of materials and equipment NFTs that can be collected. In the unique battle mode and exciting RANK mode, you may fight shoulder to shoulder in the adventure world with your cats. and win super rare rewards.

Aphelios DNAxCAT: The core and most important point: Play To Earn, earn while playing, game players can obtain “dried fish” rewards and equipment materials during the adventure, and then sell “dried fish” tokens or trade and auction bred cats, equipment and equipment materials in the market to obtain profit returns.

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