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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

DNAxCAT Aphelios: I’m Aphelios from DNAxCAT team.

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

DNAxCAT Aphelios: Ready.

Q1: Since DNAxCAT launched Genesis NFT through YooShi GamePad in August, it has been attracting the attention of the global online gaming community. What is the charm of DNAxCAT? Let’s invite our guest to give us a brief introduction!

DNAxCAT Aphelios: Let me briefly introduce the IP of DNAxCAT first, the animation brand in Taiwan, China.  It has high popularity in  Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, etc. At present, the general copyright agent of the entire IP belongs to UKIN TRADING CO., LTD., Japan and has obtained the authorization of the copyright owner.

The overall world view of DNAxCAT is built on the DNAxCAT IP world view. In the virtual adventure world of DNAxCAT, players can raise and breed a variety of cute meow warriors and fight side by side with them in the adventure world.

At the same time, DNAxCAT is also an economy in which ownership is totally decided by players, allowing players to seamlessly sell and trade their game assets into cryptocurrency. DNAxCAT leads the trend of GameFi and Play To Earn, allowing players to earn by playing games.

$DXCT is the governance currency of DNAxCAT Metaverse. It will be used for trading, exchanging and breeding meow warriors in the game.

Staking: stake and mine in the liquidity pool

Governance: community vote to give opinions on key community decisions

Game: Token is used to buy props, breed Meow Warrior, etc, and can get rewards through completing game tasks.

Q2: Please share with us the background of the team behind this project. What are your past experiences?

DNAxCAT Aphelios: Members of the DNAxCAT team should also be well known to you, with Puffin and Spiriter appearing in the developer log, sharing new content about the game at weekly sharing sessions. Core development members of the DNAxCAT team have decades of working experience in the traditional gaming industry, and are familiar with the operation and maintenance of games and the organization of daily active events.

In addition to the core team, due to the wide distribution of DNAxCAT users, we recruit enthusiastic volunteers around the world who help new users solve daily problems, and communicate with us about events that cause user losses due to system problems, help users solve problems, and optimize DNAxCAT’s systems accordingly.

I am mainly responsible for product planning, research and development, marketing and other content, in fact, the team does not have a very clear division of labor, everyone will be responsible for various works. When work is short of staff, we will come to assist. While just because of this, our team is very cohesive with a good team atmosphere and high efficiency. I love my team, and trust my team.

Q3: The blockchain games represented by Axie can be said to be the leader of the GameFi boom this year. What are the advantages of DNAxCAT and blockchain games in the current market?

DNAxCAT Aphelios:

1) High-quality IP: DNAxCAT was originally known to everyone in the form of animation, which possesses itself of a broad audience. When colliding with blockchain, DNAxCAT comes into being. The artists and characters of DNAxCAT are modeled on the original IP image and optimized in the details of the picture. Most of the projects in current market don’t have IP or have an IP that is not authorized, then the project might get stuck in the process and could not continue to develop because of this reason, or even stop.

2) The game’s efficient development progress: the developer log is to share information with users, so that users can have a real-time understanding of the DNAxCAT progress, at the same time, it is also an urge to DNAxCAT team. The weekly sharing of the latest progress of the game will greatly improve the progress of the game, so that we are also a positive state in our daily work to bring new information to community members every week.

The beta version of DNAxCAT will be available on October 10, after which the official version will be available.

3) YooShi GamePad Incubation: YooShi gives DNAxCAT a lot of help, as the first incubation project, not only the DNAxCAT team has attracted the attention of YooShi community, but also it is an important event for YooShi GamePad brand. YooShi helps DNAxCAT for resource docking, media platform announcement, including the recent cooperation with Binance.

Q4: DNAxCAT announced to cooperate with Binance to launch NFT. Could you give us a detailed introduction of this activity?

DNAxCAT Aphelios: It has been announced on the official website that the Crypto DNAxCAT will be launched in cooperation with Binance on September 29 at 12:00pm UTC. Crypto DNAxCAT comes with huge added value:

1)Increasing the energy is the maximum value of Crypto DNAxCAT. With more energy, the Meow Warrior can carry out more single-day adventures and gain more benefits.

2) Cool image, which will be displayed in the PvP competitions.

3) The game has the priority to test. DNAxCAT will invite targeted users to experience the game’s Alpha version on October 10.

The launch of DNAxCAT has received strong support and help from Binance officials. DNAxCAT has always had friendly interaction with Binance team, and both sides hope to carry out in-depth cooperation and more exchanges.

Earlier, the DNAxCAT launched a total of 5130 blind boxes that were sold out in four minutes. Many users are complaining that the number is too small to that they didn’t get, then this is another opportunity. 100 Crypto DNAxCAT in the Binance NFT market will be launched in the market, which will be a new way for users to participate in the DNAxCAT ecology.

Q5: Can you show us some demo of NFT collections?

DNAxCAT Aphelios: The specific image of Crypto DNAxCAT has not been made public at present, but you can follow our official website, we will send out the latest news in time

Twitter: twitter.com/dnaxcat_game

Telegram: t.me/DNAxCAT_official

Medium: medium.com/@DNAxCAT_GAME

Discord: discord.com/invite/PekNeKDcRw

Q6: I believe that many blockchain players are eager to participate in the ecology of DNAxCAT and realize the dream of earning money while playing. What advice does the guest have for new players?

DNAxCAT Aphelios: DNAxCAT will open the directional invitation test on October 10, which marks the official start of DNAxCAT ecology.  

 Players can join the DNAxCAT ecology through the following way:

1) $DXCT  

$DXCT is the governance certificate of DNAxCAT Metaverse, and it is also the trading currency in the metaverse, which can be used in games to buy, sell, trade, or nurture the Meow Warrior.  

Props selling: The purchase and sale of props in the prop  

Breeding stage: when the breeding function is open, all breeding will be carried out in the market, during which there is no fishcake in the game. So in the initial stage, the $DXCT plus $BNB will be adopted for consumption.

2) Genesis Gem  

The gems can be used to exchange the Meow Warrior, and players experience it in the first stage of the game. It is currently available at auction or market price in the NFT market.

3) Breeding-produced Meow Warrior

Genesis meow warriors can be bred because the Genesis Meow Warrior may be too expensive, so novice players can buy relatively low-priced breeding-produced Meow Warrior.

4) Game Guild Alliance

YooShi officially announces that it would jointly launch “Play To Earn Guild Alliance” with Unix Gaming (Philippines), Avalon World Gaming (Philippines), KappTV Play To Earn Community (Philippines), Lorcan Gaming (Malaysia) and other guilds, hoping to help millions of low-income people around the world achieve income growth through “Play-to-Earn” games. Individuals and Guilds can participate in it without investment, they only need to invest a certain amount of time every day, and resources are provided by the guild, which means the only cost is the time, but the specific revenue sharing needs communication between the guild and individuals. In this process, the DNAxCAT team will also come forward and strive for the maximum benefit for the participating Guilds and individuals!

Q7: Let’s talk about partnerships & influencers that you are collaborating with.

DNAxCAT Aphelios: As for life, I am very grateful to my family and friends for their understanding. In fact, I don’t want to talk about this too much at work. I want to separate work and life, and life is my shelter.

In my work, everyone in the team has helped me a lot. The team has experienced a lot from the initial combination to the idea of the game, the construction of the model, and the run-in of the staff. We are very grateful to our community members, which is one of the driving forces for us to move forward.

In addition to the staff inside the team, it is YooShi team from the outside. DNAxCAT expressed its gratitude to YooShi on various occasions, but we also know that the real strength is our own strength. We will devote ourselves to DNAxCAT and not let everyone who trusts us down.

Q8: Where can we find out more about DNAxCAT on social media?

DNAxCAT Aphelios:

Twitter: twitter.com/dnaxcat_game

Telegram: t.me/DNAxCAT_official

Medium: medium.com/@DNAxCAT_GAME

Discord: discord.com/invite/PekNeKDcRw

BSC_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with DNAxCAT.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

DNAxCAT Aphelios: So happy to participate in this AMA, welcome to follow us

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for DNAxCAT.

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