DKYC: Private Payment Gateway Just Got Better!

DKYC is a novel and seamless integration between Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and real-world anonymous spending.

What is DKYC?

DKYC is a revolutionary and seamless integration of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with anonymous spending in the real world. Users can put money from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) into a DKYC prepaid Mastercard or Visa and spend it anonymously in their day-to-day life, worldwide. There are no personal information or cross-chain conversion requirements on the platform.

With no registration required, customers can simply sit back and relax as their card gets automatically claimed once they’ve accumulated enough BUSD. Here are some of DKYC highlights:

Enabling fully anonymous crypto payments in the real world

A consistently growing ecosystem of solutions

Several passive income sources

Extensive Roadmap ahead

An experienced team that delivers proven products



Users receive BUSD reflections automatically and redeem them for DKYC cards in just a few clicks without jumping in between chains. They have the choice to spend their funds anonymously at 37+ million retailers online worldwide.


In the current scenario, the DKYC cards work online anywhere prepaid Visa cards are accepted around the world. However, as the project expands itself by rolling out its own physical cards and DPay integration, the users would be able to spend in person, almost anywhere.


DontKYC has no KYC in its name, promising utmost privacy to its users. The anonymous double-blind process and no controlling authority ensure users’ privacy with zero personal data harvesting.

$DKYC Token

The $DKYC token is the backbone of the DontKYC ecosystem and fuels the entire range of products and services, With a total supply of 10 billion, the native reflective token $DKYC is built on BNB Chain (BEP-20 Protocol) and redistributes a portion of every buy and sell to holders as BUSD. This implies if a user holds 1% of the circulating supply, they can earn 1% of the reflections. These earnings are paid to the holders via an automatic system in the form of BUSD and the accumulation can be tracked on the DKYC Dashboard. A user can redeem his/her earnings for 100% private prepaid virtual DKYC Visa Cards at any time.

$DKYC Tokenomics


The world’s first anonymous payment gateway DKYC just got even better with the introduction of DCash. DCash is a lock-to-access service offered by DKYC. Users can lock tokens and spend external BUSD each week towards a DKYC VISA card. The access to spending accumulates every week during users’ lock-in time with DCash.


DCash will support the project’s growing partnerships by granting them access to the project’s cards while also maintaining the DKYC token’s floor price. This approach eliminates the need for card access to be volume-dependent. Users gain anonymous off-ramping authority in this way, and they do so consistently, reliably, and predictably.

Users no longer have to wait for BUSD reflections from holding DKYC to be able to buy DKYC prepaid VISA cards using DCash. With the new DCash launch, users will be able to access DKYC cards from ANY crypto earnings they have made.

Joining hands with its partner Fibswap, DKYC offers users the ability to bridge from seven blockchains right into anonymous real-world payments, from anywhere around the globe where prepaid VISA cards are accepted. 

DCash will be live on June 13, 2022 at 24:00 UTC. To celebrate the event, DKYC has reduced the buy fees to only 2% for 24 hours. Here are some of the uniqueness DCash has over other competitors:

Spend your Crypto as CASH

Power up your potential with DLegend NFTs

No team wallets (no controlling authority)

No ID or registration required

Proven team, proven products/results

How does DCash let users spend BUSD like cash?

DKYC will offer external BUSD access through DCash in three simple ways:

Lock equal parts of (50/50 cost in USD)

DYKC tokens

Any of our partner tokens

Lock DKYC tokens + 1 DLegends NFTs

Lock Partner token + 70% less DKYC + 1 DLegends NFTs

DLegend NFTs

The DKYC team thrives to deliver NFTs full of utility and there is always something to do with your DKYC Fintech NFT. 

Collect: With a total of 2222 DLegend NFTs, each with at least two associated benefits, levels, staking, early access, and more, each DLegend NFT will have a function. As a result, DKYC NFTs are inexhaustibly collectible. Each DLegend will have a variety of tasks to do or be utilized for.

DLegends NFT’s of any level can be used to subsidize up to 11,000$ USD value when using Dcash. 

Level: Each DLegend NFT starts at Level 1 and can go up to Level 5. Leveling up will need the purchase of DKYC tokens. The NFT staking pools will receive 100% of these tokens.

Leveling up grants your DLegend two major perks: the opportunity to participate in stake-to-earn pools, and more Ranks for GameFi-style attributed benefits.

Stake: Each NFT that is higher or at Level 2 can be staked into the Staking platform.

Ranks and Attributed Benefits: Depending on the rarity of the mint, each NFT will have between two and six benefits. By burning DKYC tokens, each benefit will be able to be ranked up. To make your NFT work for you pretty much the way you want it to, rank up your favorite attributed benefits.



DKYC seems to make a name for itself in the crypto industry by providing privacy, one of the core fundamentals behind the usage of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In order to learn more about the project, check the links below: 





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