DKT Finance AMA Recap hosts DKT Finance: a multilayered open finance liquidity mining service platform complemented by the AI, a professional cryptocurrency liquidity mining solution

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @phantom_boss!

King Phantom: I’m very Thankful. It’s of great privilege to be amongst the amazing members of BSCdaily Community.

BSCdaily – Admin: It’s our pleasure to have you here

King Phantom: Much appreciations

BSCdaily – Admin: Ready to start our AMA? @phantom_boss

King Phantom: Yes, I’m ready to go

Q1: First, let’s give the audience a brief description of what DKT FINANCE is

King Phantom: The meaning of the name DKT finance is:  D: Digital, K: Key, T: token

DKT finance is “Digital Key Token finance”.

It’s a smart key to solve blockchain’s problems: convenience, fast liquidity, low transfer fees, profitability, asset storage, information security.

Q2: Can you tell us what is unique about this project? With so many projects to choose from, why should we choose DKT Finance?

King Phantom: Our project has a strong foundation .

It has a diverse ecosystem including: swap, staking and farm, wallet, loan.

This is a platform with many things in one.

King Phantom: DKT finance contains many features to be developed in the future in each category:

+ Swap with cheap fee

+ Staking and farming:

DKT token holders will have the highest profitability if you hold DKT tokens for a long time, with a high APR.

Owners will get DKT coins or other valuable digital currencies.

The NFT is the product of the future and an important item we pay out to owners.

DKT finance will link with other centralized and decentralized markets to have a deep link, helping the products in staking and farm to be liquidated quickly, and they are of great economic value.

+ DKT Wallet:

Store, Buy, Manage, Swap, and Trade 10,000+ cryptocurrencies in ONE App. Integrated with the most popular Dapps on Ethereum, Tron and Binance Smart Chain:

  Swap and exchange one cryptocurrency for any other cryptocurrency instantly

  Integrated with the most popular Dapps on Ethereum, Tron and Binance Smart Chain

  Track charts and prices within the wallet

Keep your crypto safe from hackers & scammers

+ Loans: DKT token holders will be able to borrow our crypto with extremely preferential interest rates, and large loan limit, the procedure will be approved on this platform in the fastest way.

BSCdaily – Admin: Wow, definitely an all-in-one platform

Q3: So what are the motivations of DKT Finance to grow stronger?

King Phantom: DKT finance has a strong and diversified background.

 Many marketing units have linked with us, and potential investors also come to many. We have a team of marketing and IT engineers who are knowledgeable about blockchain. Experienced creators develop.

All of these will be the driving force for DKT finance to develop

Q4: Please provide a detailed overview of the token $DKT, what are its use cases and tokenomics?

King Phantom: This information we have provided in tokenomics of DKT:

The DKT token’s major use case will be as the only governance token for each product which will give holders a claim over the revenue generated by those products.

It will be a platform for staking DKT tokens while the DKT FINANCE team builds the marketplace and subsequently, the holders benefit immensely just from holding the token.

Token name: DKT FINANCE

Token symbol: DKT

Decimal: 18


Max Total Supply : 100.000.000 DKT

Initial Supply: 24.000.000 DKT for the first year

Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Token Type: BEP-20

BSCdaily – Admin: Maximum supply is 100 million tokens $DKT!?

King Phantom: YES. The maximum supply of our token ($DKT) is 100,000,000. 24,000,000 $DKT initial supply for the 1st year

Q5: In the future, will $DKT be listed on Binance?

King Phantom: Binance is one of the largest exchanges out there today, and listing on it is one of our goals in the future. I think when DKT finance completes the project grows well and becomes popular, Binance will find us on its own

Q6: I heard that DKT Finance is having a public sale right now. Where and how can we purchase the $DKT token?

King Phantom: We make 4 stages of DKT token distribution:

Private sale: 10 million DKT for 200 lucky members who have been with us for a long time and trust us. (finished)

Price 1 DKT = 0.03 usdt, buy limit (0.25 BNB – 5 BNB)

Public sale: 10 million DKT for all members of the DKT finance community. Price 1 DKT = 0.08 usdt

Publics sale: still running from 15th May 12:00 am (utc) to 22nd May 12:00 am(utc)

DKT is only sold on DKT’s telegram page, by automatic distribution: when your wallet address transfers tokens (BNB, USDT, BUSD) to DKT’s main wallet, the DKT will be sent back to the wallets of other users. friend.

Pancakeswap, DKTswap: after the end of Public sale, DKT will be listed on these platforms, investors can swap to get DKT tokens.

Centralized Exchanges: In the end of Q2 and the near future, we will list on centralized exchanges, the entire crypto-loving community will be able to buy and sell it freely.

Q7: Would you like to share with us your roadmap? We are excited to know what’s coming for DKT

King Phantom: It would be of great pleasure to share DKT FINANCE’s road map with everyone

The starting stage is the stage calling on investors to build funds for development for DKT finance.

The foundation items are almost completed: Swap full version in Q2 / 2021 (currently beta swap), the marketing is still ongoing, we have linked with many units to popularize DKT finance out the world.

Token sale is about to take place, after the sale is complete, we will list DKT token to DKT swap and pancake swap to ensure liquidity and increase the value of DKT token.

Complete the categories of DKT finance in 2021: staking and farm, loan, wallet, NFTs, …

Linking with other centralized and decentralized platforms.

Disseminate DKT worldwide by listing it on major exchanges.

Q8: Will a DKT wallet be created in 2021? When will DKT Finance finish all of the items?

King Phantom: DKT’s wallet will create beta wallet in Q4 / 2021 and Q1 / 2022 will release full version, Items will be completed soon: staking and farming will start as soon as DKT token is listed on exchanges.

Other items will be gradually completed until Q2 / 2022

BSCdaily – Admin: Awesome, we’ll be looking forward to it

King Phantom: Thanks a lot

Q9: Where can we find more about DKT FINANCE?

King Phantom: These are our official websites and social media platforms .




Telegram group:

Telegram channel:

BSCdaily – Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with DKT FINANCE

BSCdaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @phantom_boss

King Phantom: Yes, I won’t take your time at all Thanks.

At DKT FINANCE’s Community @dkt_finance ,we are always open to suggestions , Questions .

We have the best team of active MODs to give you quick replies to Questions that will put you in doubt.

We treat all of our members with equal rights to their opinions and thoughts about our project.

DKT FINANCE within a year or two would be known across the Globe ,not just because big it’s STRONG PLATFORM and TEAM.

But because of its willingness to touch every heart and give every individual a chance to secure a GREAT and WELL INVESTED FUTURE


BSCdaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you @phantom_boss. Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for DKT FINANCE

King Phantom: Thanks you so much

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