DKT Finance: A Multilayered Liquidity Mining Service Platform

DKT Finance is an ecosystem of the next-generation De-Fi building blocks. It’s a platform that supports cross-chain applications, wallets, exchanges, and protocols to empower open finance.


DKT Finance is an open finance multilayered platform for liquidity mining that aims to become a single-stop for a range of unique financial products. It’s complemented by artificial intelligence that provides users with a liquidity pool service for the better optimization of yield farming portfolios. Equipped with AI technology DKT Finance not only leverages the prediction-based logic but also expands the De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) product offering. The products that DKT Finance offers will be linked to its DKT token in order to redefine the actual meaning of De-Fi. 

The Ecology of DKT Finance

As mentioned, DKT Finance empowers open finance through its innovative cross-chain ecosystem of protocols, applications, wallets, and exchanges. 

Flash Loans

Flash Loans which are internally known as Flash Swaps provide DKT Finance users with the ability to withdraw their entire reserves total of any token as long as they’re using DKT DApp. Moreover, users can also utilize the platform to execute their arbitrary trading logic without needing to pay any upfront cost. 

DKT Swap

DKT Swap allows the users to exchange both Synthetic as well as Asset-0Backed tokens on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Moreover, by interacting with the liquidity pools, users can also swap BEP20 in a decentralized fashion. DKT Finance allows the users to stake their desired BED20 tokens’ arbitrary pair into the related pool. Resultantly, the platform in exchange will create an LP token. Users who are holding LP tokens will receive awards on each pair swapping operation. 

DKT Finance also allows its users to upgrade the DKT DApp by using the Governance protocol. The liquidity pool migration then must be approved by the users holding the DKT tokens rather than migrating unilaterally. This way the DKT DApp will keep growing and evolving and it will also make sure that all the changes taking place are actually beneficial for the token holders. Additionally, the DKT holders who don’t agree with the voting results will have a sufficient amount of time to exit the liquidity pools because the governance contract on the platform will be based on a time lock contract. 


Just like the rewards account that accrues and stores rewards, the DKT Staking functionality also offers continuous rewards based on the staking time.

DKT Wallet

The DKT wallet allows users to Buy, Swap, Manage, Store, and also Trade more than 10,000 different types of cryptocurrencies by using a single application. It’s also integrated with the most popular decentralized application on Binance Smart Chain, Tron, as well as Ethereum.

Project Roadmap

One of the most significant things about DKT Finance is i’s future plans. Not only do these plans have the capability to change the whole landscape of De-Fi. But they can also make DKT Finance a one-stop solution for a multitude of financial products. The following are the development plans of DKT Finance that are revealed so far.

Source: DKT Finance Official

Q4 – 2020: Setup (Already Achieved)

Setting up a team

Building a responsive and user-friendly DKT official website

Creating marketing and promotional planning

Q1 – 2021: Partnerships (Already Achieved)

Acquiring partnerships to expand the network

Launching DKT DApp (Beta)

Q2 – 2021: Presale and Launch (On the Way)

Presale and exchange listing

Marketing and airdrops

Community development

Launch of fully functional DKT DApp

Q3 – 2021: DKTDAI

Launching DKTAI

Developing the backend management system for different projects

Q4 – 2021: Ecosystem

Decentralized wallet

Launching staking and farming functionality

Launching Flash Loans

Launching Android and iOS applications

Q1 – 2022: Development

Developing DKT Finance ecosystem

Acquiring strategic partnerships

Implementing plans for community growth

Q2 – 2022: Growth

2rd Marketing

Updating roadmap

Project Tokenomics

According to the primary use case of the DKT tokens, the only governance token against each product will allow the users to claim a portion of the generated revenue. It’ll remain the platform where users will be able to stake DKT tokens. At the same time, the team behind DKT Finance will develop the marketplace and the token holders will be benefited greatly just for holding them.

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