DiversiFi on Its Way to Become The Premiere Rewards Token Ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain

DiversiFi, the highly regarded incentives token ecosystem, has finished its public debut on PancakeSwap with notable success, selling out in just 19 minutes. This has resulted in a roughly 400% rise in their market capitalization, from $208K to $790K.


DiversiFi strives to be the best portfolio builder on the Binance Chain by offering passive income and portfolio diversification via an autonomous rotating rewards system. DiversiFi Blue is merely the first token in a projected DiversiFi token ecosystem, so keep that in mind. Initial holders will have first access to airdrops and whitelists for future DiversiFi releases, which refers to tokens that will work together symbiotically and cooperatively to passively boost crypto portfolio diversity and token accumulation naturally over time, thereby greatly increasing profits.

DiversiFi Blue, the company’s initial token, will cycle between Binance-pegged Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), Polygon (MATIC), and Avalanche (AVAX). Users may diversify their assets with a different “Blue Chip” cryptocurrency every six hours by simply holding DiversiFi Blue.

Public Launch and Ecosystem

DiversiFi Blue

DiversiFi Blue is the initial token in a planned DiversiFi token ecosystem. Early adopters will be given priority access to airdrops and/or whitelists for future releases of DiversiFi – tokens that will act in tandem with one another and cooperatively with others to boost crypto portfolio diversity and token accumulation over time. Their objective is to re-define the concept of a long-term investment.


5 Automatic Rotating Rewards: BTC, ETH, DOT, MATIC & AVAX

2 Staking Pools at launch – Earn DVFB as well as the 5 rewards tokens while staked!

NFT Project in design

An entire ecosystem of tokens to be released

Early holders will have access to airdrops and/or whitelist for future releases. 

LP locked for 5 years

Dev tokens locked for 1 year with option to re-lock. 

Contract Partner: BrewLabs

Audit by SpyWolf Network

Partnered with SupraOracles

More utilities and partnerships in progress

Public Launch

The team’s public launch on PancakeSwap on April 15th was a big success, with notable accomplishments.

Sold out Presale in just 19 minutes

Hit 1 Million MC within 72 hours of public launch

Announced mutual partnership with SupraOracles

Partnerships & Staking Platform


BrewLabs, SpyWolf, CookieSale, and SupraOracles are among the companies with which DiversiFi has previously partnered. Because the project is still relatively young in terms of accomplishments, the team has spent the most of 2022 focused on creating and implementing the DiversiFi ecosystem. The cooperation with SupraOracles, selling out the CookieSale presale in just 20 minutes, publicly introducing DiversiFi Blue, surpassing the $2 million market cap, and organically extending the community to new heights are the most significant accomplishments.

In terms of long-term objectives, the team plans to release five more DiversiFi tokens over the next 12 months, each with its own crypto market sector focus, so that by the end of the roadmap, users will be able to come to DiversiFi and choose which tokens they want to interact with, as well as set up their portfolio to work for them. Simply owning a DiversiFi asset would do this in a smooth and automated manner.

Furthermore, the team intends to host more live events and real-world utilities, and the collaboration with SupraOracles will be crucial in developing some of the additional items in the works, such as cross-chain bridges, dApps, and other applications that will aid in mainstream adoption of the sector, as previously mentioned.

Staking Platform

DiversiFi is much more than a simple token; it is a whole ecosystem of reward tokens that will work together in a mutualistic connection to build the ultimate crypto portfolio over time just by holding DiversiFi tokens. This is essentially a re-definition of the term “long-term hold” (hodl).

DiversiFi Blue holders are also rewarded with a rotating array of five ‘Blue Chip’ tokens, with a new asset being released every 6 hours. The prizes include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon, and Avalanche, with a current minimum reward threshold of 50,000,000 tokens, which will be modified every week to maintain a minimum token holding worth of $300 depending on market cap.

Because it was developed in partnership with BrewLabs, the staking platform should be explained as well. DiversiFi will thus provide two staking pools (7-day lock and 14-day lock), each with a different APY based on the total quantity of tokens staked. Holders that stake their DiversiFi Blue will earn more DiversiFi Blue, and unlike many other staking pools, they will still get the five automatic rotating Binance Pegged dividends in the form of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies.

The team plans to build an NFT program, a cryptocurrency teaching platform, as well as study additional applications and development items in the future to increase general adoption and usage.

Roadmap & Tokenomics

DiversiFi moved on to their next targets in Phase 3 and beyond to achieve in their initial plan after the remarkable success of the Publich Launch in April.

Phase 2

Presale Launch for DiversiFi Blue

Public Launch on PancakeSwap

Full Marketing Push for DiversiFi & DiversiFi Blue

Listings on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko

AMA’s & Partnerships

Phase 3

Conduct release cycles for DiversiFi’s next token offerings 

Contract development & deployment of DiversiFi “X” 

NFT Project release 

Develop & Release DiversiFi Learning 

Phase 4

Certik Audit of DiversiFi “X” 

Release RoadMap 2.0 

Extended Marketing Push 

Live Events & Conventions 

Additional Partnerships

More to come

Explore CrossChain Bridges 

Contract Development of DiversiFi “DAO” 

Deployment of DiversiFi “DAO” 

Renounce ownership of all contracts to the “DAO” 

Learn More

Website: diversifi.app/ 

PancakeSwap: pancakeswap.finance/swap?inputCurrency=0xc50f00779559b2e13dee314530cc387cc5dd85ae

Poocoin: poocoin.app/tokens/0xc50f00779559b2e13dee314530cc387cc5dd85ae

DVFB Contract Address: bscscan.com/token/0xc50f00779559b2e13dee314530cc387cc5dd85ae 

Telegram: t.me/diversifiapp

Twitter: twitter.com/DiversiFibsc 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DiversiFiBSC/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/diversifibsc/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/diversifibsc/

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCm1JxevAKMv3PJ_kyOd2OHg

Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/DiversiFi/ 

DexTools: www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0x820b5952e79ebfbba81fc6e20131c694ef02fd04

Whitepaper: diversifi.app/diversifi-white-paper/

Audit: github.com/SpyWolfNetwork/Smart_Contract_Audits/blob/main/March/DiversiFi_0xc50F00779559b2E13Dee314530cC387CC5dD85ae.pdf

KYC: cookiesale.app/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/DiversiFi-KYC.pdf 


Source : cryptodaily.io

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