Ditto Money Vampire Attack: Incentivesed Elastic Cross-Chain Swap

This event caters to those getting tired of the monstrous gas fees and long confirmation times on the Ethereum Network. Seamlessly earn rewards while switching to Ditto Money!


Trainer Chad has been very busy thinking about getting elastic token fans from the Ethereum network to come over to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The goal is to allow users to enjoy the benefits of excellent transaction speed and low-cost transfers on the BSC.

Ditto Money

Ditto Money is the first elastic supply token project on the BSC, targeting a $1 equilibrium, achieved through “rebases”. Ditto Money is more than a basic rebase token; it is also an ecosystem with dAPPs for staking, governance, and NFT-based gamification. You can find out more about it HERE.

The Ditto Money team has continued rapid innovation after launching on the BSC. It all started with an organized IFO (Iinitial Farm Offering) on PancakeSwap held on December 23rd,. The IFO was a great success, as all coins were sold and the goals were met, raising $1,260,000 (1,400,000 DITTO tokens). In my previous article HERE, you can read more about how the IFO and sale were organized. Trainer Chad’s team now has come up with a new incentivized way to let more elastic token fans experience the great benefits of the BSC. This is much needed as the Ethereum network is slow, congested, and has costly transaction fees.

The Incentivized Vampire Elastic Cross-Chain Swap

All holders of$AMPL, $BASED, $BASE, $MARK, or $DIGG tokens on the Ethereum Chain can swap their tokens for $DITTO on the BSC. The idea here is that Ethereum users will swap some tokens over and release the BSC’s power.

The DITTO Money team has utilized transaction fees for buybacks on the $DITTO token and has allocated 100,000 $DITTO tokens for the incentivized vampire elastic cross-chain swap. There will be a cap of 5000 $DITTO per user, but otherwise, the “first come, first served” principle is applied for the incentivized swap, yes incentivized, because swappers will get a 10% bonus in $DITTO. So if you swap $5000 worth of any supported token, you will get $500 of $DITTO tokens as a bonus. 

This bonus will be sent to your wallet 24 hours after the event ends. Any proceeds to be made by this event will be used for buybacks on the $DITTO token using the PancakeSwap AMM. 

So if you are an Ethereum user but don’t know where to begin your journey into the world of fast and cheap transactions, this could be a great start. For first-time Binance Smart Chain users, I recommend reading THIS article by Binance on how to set up your MetaMask wallet for the BSC. Of course, you can also choose another wallet like TrustWallet that works from your mobile device if you prefer. The BSC also uses the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) technology, so contact interactions are the same as you would be used to. Even your Ethereum wallet address can be used on the BSC. 

When and Where? 

The event has been scheduled for Friday, February 26th   at 10:00 AM UTC. Before the swap event, the DITTO Money team will provide a link on the DITTO Money website to access the event. So keep an eye on their website; you can find the link at the bottom of this article.


This event caters to those getting tired of the monstrous gas fees and long confirmation times on the Ethereum Network. If you are in this scenario, Ditto Money is just the thing for you; because of the low gas fees, calling a Rebase costs only a fraction compared to the Ethereum Network. On top of this, the event will give you a nice bonus just for swapping over to the BSC. Ditto Money does this so that everyone can have fun with their token while in the meantime enjoying the low cost and high-speed transactions of the BSC.

Thank you, DITTO Money, for yet another great incentive to get more attention for your project, but even more for allowing people to be a part of the BSC family.

Source : bsc.news

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