Ditto Money 10k Trading Competition + Staking Phase 2

Trainer Chad and his team over at Ditto Money are busy creating new opportunities for their users, continuing innovation in the De-Fi space with their elastic money token, $DITTO. 

Ditto Money 10k Trading Competition + Staking Phase 2

The Ditto Money protocol created the first elastic supply token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and has been building on it since its launch in December of 2020. The team has continued to create a fun ecosystem for its users. Now, trainer Chad has announced two new incentives for their community and users.

$10,000 Trading Competition

This competition will be held on the PancakeSwap DEX/AMM, and to qualify, you must trade $DITTO tokens on the AMM protocol. The only pair to be used for the trading competition is  DITTO/WBNB; this LINK will take you to the PancakeSwap DEX, where you can start trading.

Further, to be eligible, you must have a trading volume worth at least 500 $DITTO. You can either buy or sell to reach the trading volume. The more trading volume on the pair, the more you can earn from the ten thousand dollar prize pool.

To give you more insight into where you stand in the competition, the Ditto Money team has made a scoreboard that keeps track of all eligible transactions. This can be found HERE. Overall, this competition helps bootstrap new users to the Ditto Money protocol while increasing trading volume.

Rewards will be calculated by dividing the total trading volume per user by all competing users’ total trading volume. Rewards will be made available after the competition ends via an interface on the Ditto Money website (open a few days after the contest ends). The competition started on January 30th, 2021, and will end on February 8th, 2021. The $10,000 prize pool is made up of  5,000 $BUSD and $5,000 of  $DITTO tokens. To be eligible, users must trade a minimum amount of 500 $DITTO; the more you trade, the higher your rewards will be. So let’s go trade some $DITTO over at PancakeSwap and earn some of that prize money.

Compound Staking – Farm DITTO, CAKE and BNB Simultaneously 

After the successful first round of Ditto compound staking’s , the Ditto Money Team has decided to continue their liquidity provider incentive program. The new round of Compound Staking started on January 25th, 2021, and will run for 30 days (February 24th). To take part in the compound staking, you will have to provide liquidity on the DITTO/BNB pair over at PancakeSwap AMM and then stake your LP tokens on the Ditto Money website. The staking will give rewards in $DITTO $CAKE and $BNB, triple rewards!

If you were already a participant in the first round, you don’t have to do anything, and you will automatically continue earning for phase 2 staking. Also, liquidity providers (LP) already in the pool will retain their current multiplier. On top of this, existing LPs will start off with the same share of the new BNB reward pool (250 $BNB) in the first round. Ditto Money incorporated this to reward early LP’s and long-term stakers. After the staking event, there will be an interface on the Ditto Money website for claiming rewards.

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, Trainer Chad and his team over at Ditto Money are busy creating new opportunities for their users, innovating the De-Fi space with their elastic money token $DITTO. This challenge is one of the largest offered on the BSC, rewarding users with $10,000 worth of rewards. On top of this, the team has extended the compound staking liquidity incentives, allowing user to continue earning three differnt rewards. Overall, the Ditto Money team continues to apply pressure as the bull-market continues onward.

Source : bsc.news

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