Discussing Web3: A Collection of Interviews with Web3 Figures

Web3Wire dialogues with promising industry figures who are building in Web3.

Roundtable with Builders

DeFi was unarguably a significant driver of the last bull run, introducing copies of products from traditional finance such as money markets for lending and borrowing, exchanges to swap one token for another, derivative products, and even synthetic assets, which are native to crypto. The ecosystem is spreading fast, with niches like GameFi capturing a substantial share of the total crypto market. Covering BNB Chain, Solana, and Cronos, Web3Wire had a series of interviews with some promising Web3 figures who are building in the ecosystem.

SolanaNews X Genopets at mtnDAO

In this livestream, we had a chat with Genopets Co-Founder Albert Chen at mtnDAO. 

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The Future of Gaming on Solana

In this livestream, we sat down with Solana Labs’ Matt Sorg to discuss the future of gaming on Solana. 

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Discussing Derivatives, Synthetics, and DeFi

In this interview, Web3Wire sat down at a round table with Eric Chen, CEO of Injective Labs, Ryu, core founder of 01 Protocol, a team from Spin, and Barret, a core contributor at CypherDAO, to discuss derivatives, synthetics, and DeFi. 

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Infrastructure Needed for Derivatives

In continuation of the round table discussion, representatives from the various teams dived deeper into the infrastructure needed for derivatives.  

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