DFox Project Insight: Auto-track Multiple Crypto Wallets and Manage DeFi Assets

Being able to view all your crypto finances, manage DeFi assets, and track multiple crypto wallets from one interface would surely simplify a crypto user’s experience. The DFox Crypto Wallet and DeFi Portfolio Tracker is a tool that will help in that regard.


Cryptocurrencies are generally very volatile. Their prices can fluctuate at any instant. Markets trade daily throughout the week, but it is tough to predict with certainty the day and time a swing in price would occur. However, as time goes on, experience comes into play, and you begin to learn to track your assets’ value.

Crypto portfolio trackers allow you to view how much you have in a glance while also showing your portfolio changes. They are essential for professional and casual investors because they enable you to effectively track investments. There are many crypto portfolio trackers and wallets, but in this article, we will give you a rundown of why DFox stands out among other portfolio trackers in the DeFi market space.

What is DFox?

DFox is a crypto wallet and DeFi portfolio tracker that enables you to see all your crypto finances, track multiple crypto wallets automatically and manage DeFi assets all in one place. DFox is a state-of-the-art crypto portfolio tracker. It has support for many public chains, including BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Ethereum.

DFox gives you an in-depth view of your investments and let’s you see your transaction summary. Users can filter by date, tokens, or wallet. You can also visualize your crypto finances with over 50 key metrics like P&L and historical token balance.

Key Features of DFox

Discover new crypto projects. 

Powerful analytics.

Portfolio tracking 

Why Use DFox?

● Organized Crypto Assets 

With DFox, you can link multiple crypto accounts to your portfolio. You can also automatically synchronize your account balances, holdings, and transactions. Thus, you will get a complete picture of where all your cryptos are kept and track their real-time status.

● View And Manage Your DeFi Positions

DFox has a feature that enables you to discover the hottest and trending DeFi projects. Users can monitor their DeFi assets, view deposits, debt, liquidity pools, and yield farming activities in one app. DFox therefore helps them to make better investment decisions.

● Track Your Transactions 

Organizing your portfolio with DFox is easy. You can update your transactions real-time, organize income & expense automatically by date, account, and asset, with support for customized labels and memo etc. DFox was designed with you the user in mind, to help you conveniently save time and manage your transactions.

● Real-time Price Updates 

DFox showcases real-time price updates, on-chain data, and market information of your assets. You can also track your favorite assets by adding them to a watchlist.

DFox Open Platform 

DFox is building an open platform for all developers to enhance the discovery of their projects and boost engagement. With its open platform, developers can leverage DFox’s rapidly growing ecosystem to influence the growth of their projects, while simultaneously giving users tools to track and manage their crypto assets.

Benefits Of DFox’s Open Platform To Developers

  • Increased Visibility Of Projects

DFox’s open platform offers a fair chance to every project. Projects have complete control over the data shown to their users as the open platform is the fastest way for data integration.

  • Connect With The DeFi Community 

The open platform allows developers to connect with a large number of users interested in the DeFi market.

  • Enhance The Engagement And Mobile Access Of Your Project

Any developer will hugely benefit from this feature because it allows them to use DFox’s application to increase user-engagement via its mobile portfolio tracking abilities.

  • Help Your Users Track Their Portfolios

This is the most crucial benefit of the DFox open platform. Here, you can provide your users with the necessary tools for tracking portfolios. DFox gives developers access to APIs which can be used in their projects. With this, users can see all their holdings in their projects.

How To Integrate Your Project On DFox’s Open Platform 

Fill an application form for your project.

Wait for confirmation from the DFox team.

Provide an API for review. 

Go Live!

How To Use DFox

Download DFox app available for iOS or Android.

Connect multiple wallets via public Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, EOS, and WAX addresses.

View your portfolio balance and holdings, monitor transactions, track DeFi positions, and more.

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