Developers Launch opBNB Mainnet for Public Use on BNB Chain

Quick Take

The developers at BNB Chain have announced the public mainnet launch of opBNB.

opBNB is a Layer 2 network in the BNB Chain ecosystem, developed using Optimism’s OP Stack.

Public Mainnet Launch of opBNB

The core development team at BNB Chain has announced the public mainnet launch of opBNB, a Layer 2 network aimed at scaling decentralized apps in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

The public mainnet launch of opBNB came after a comprehensive testing phase to ensure the network’s reliability, the team said.

Developed Using Optimism’s OP Stack

opBNB has been developed using Optimism’s software package known as OP Stack. As a Layer 2 scaling solution, it’s designed to allow developers to deploy Ethereum-compatible dapps on an off-chain layer, which are then secured by BNB Smart Chain (BSC) using optimistic rollup technology. The goal is to help increase transaction speed and reduce fees for dapps.

Rollout Phases

In June, the team first spun up the opBNB testnet, followed by a limited mainnet release in August when it opened to a select number of infrastructure providers. The final rollout concludes today with its public launch.

Strict Criteria Met

“Scalability and security remain the paramount priorities for opBNB. Before opening the mainnet to the general public, strict criteria were met,” commented Arno Bauer, senior solution architect at BNB Chain.

Part of BNB Chain Ecosystem

opBNB is part of the BNB Chain ecosystem that includes five distinct networks. These are the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), a Layer 1 blockchain compatible with EVM; Layer-2 solutions opBNB and zkBNB; the BNB Beacon Chain serving as the ecosystem’s staking and governance layer; and the data storage network BNB Greenfield.

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