DeRace Reports Back After Beta Launch

Following the launch of the DeRace beta the company has reported back with some key statistics.

DeRace NFT Beta Launch

The DeRace beta is now in full swing and with key insights emerging from the launch. According to information released by DeRace more than half of all NFT horses have now participated in at least one race.

As DeRace explained, many NFT horse owners have raced far more than that.

“Two weeks ago we successfully launched horse races — the central feature of the DeRace metaverse. Many of you have already raced your NFT horses at least once and some of you even over 300 times,” said DeRace in a January 12 blog post. “We are getting close to 10,000 races run and we want to celebrate it by revealing some inside information about the races, NFT horses and other elements of the DeRace metaverse.”

Further statistics which the DeRace team revealed on social media:

100 horses raced more than 100 times 

291 horses raced over 50 times 

1117 horses raced over 10 times

BSC News asked DeRace for a further breakdown on the most up-to-date statistics on DeRace.  DeRace informed BSC News that the company is now running upwards of 500 races a day and expects to smash through 10,000 races in the next few days.

The beta hippodrome has a dirt surface and is hosting races between 2-7 furlongs long. Current race records for each race length are as follows:

  • 2 furlong races: 22.57s
  • 3 furlong races: 33.851s
  • 4 furlong races: 45.464s
  • 5 furlong races: 57.198s
  • 6 furlong races: 68.763s
  • 7 furlong races: 80.644s

DeRace now intends to launch two further hippodromes with turf and synthetic surfaces. This will be a key component of the game since horses tend to specialize in a particular surface.


What is DeRace?

DeRace is a blockchain-based NFT horse racing platform powered by the $DERC token. The NFT GameFi protocol allows users to buy and breed NFT horses, bet on real-time races, and host races to make a profit. The DERC token is currently available on both BSC and Ethereum, with staking only possible on Ethereum. The group has numerous capital and investment supporters, including AU 21 Capital, X21, CMS Holdings, and more. 

Where to find DeRace:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium |

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