DeRace Offers Users First Peek at In-Game Environment

The horse racing GameFi project is offering users their first glimpse of its in-game graphics including both day and night time modes.


Horse racing NFT project DeRace has offered its users a first peek at their in-game environments. The game offered up a number of images and videos, unveiling what the NFT racing horses look like in a variety of gaming environments including day and night mode.

According to the developers, the most challenging part of the build is now complete.

“So far, our development process has gone smoothly as we overcame the most challenging part: NFT horses,” said DeRace in a blog posted October 22nd. “You will get more visual materials from us in the very near future,” they promised.

The project, which recently won the first round of BSCNews’ Battle of the dApps, also confirmed that a number of other key elements for the game had been completed including the back end for the DeRace NFT horse shop.

Horse in a hippodrome during the day (Source)

Round One Winners

While DeRace developers have been busying themselves with making the best game possible, CEO Adomas Juodišius was representing the team in the first round of BSC News’ Battle of the dApps.

In a hard-fought race with MOBOX, it was DeRace that crossed the finish line by a nose. During the contest, Adomas offered us some thoughts on how DeRace is gearing up for success.

“So I would say the plan for success [is] choosing small accomplishable goals which actually can be delivered,” said the CEO.

DeRace will now go through the Battle of the dApps final which takes place on November 12th. DeRace will be joined by the winners of our week 2 and week 3 competitions, to be held on October 28th and November 5th respectively.

For a full look at all the released gameplay and graphics from DeRace check out: Friday Development Update: Part 9

About DeRace 

DeRace describes itself as an NFT horse racing universe that enjoyed its IGO on Binance NFT on September 23rd that almost instantly sold out tickets to NFT horses that can be exchanged for in-game NFT horses. DeRace will ensure users can race on community-owned NFT hippodromes and get the most from their digital assets. With an upcoming marketplace, the future is promising for this project.

Where to find DeRace

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