DeRace, NFT Horse Racing Ecosystem, Launches $DERC on UniSwap and PancakeSwap

The DeRace token $DERC has been added to two of the biggest exchanges in crypto. Uniswap will handle the Ethereum version of the $DERC token while PancakeSwap will provide trading on Binance Smart Chain.

Stables Hit the Blockchain

The latest news from DeRace comes as part of a busy period of advancement for the project. Besides the listing on Uniswap and PancakeSwap, the project is also being tracked on both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. The company also launched a liquidity provider program on Uniswap.

DeRace is a blockchain-enabled non-fungible token (NFT) horse racing game in which users can collect NFT horses and ‘breed’ new NFTs from their collection. The game brings the stables to blockchain. Users can then enter their NFT horse into race events, bet on real-time virtual horse races, and even host races in their own hippodromes for profit.

“DeRace fills a huge unfulfilled demand for games with gambling features by combining video gaming and gambling and focuses on both markets equally and simultaneously,” detailed Adomas Juodišius, CEO of DeRace, in a Medium interview from June.“For the last few years the line between gaming and gambling has become blurry. Most popular video games are not offering gambling directly but their digital assets are being gambled on in-game or third party platforms.”


More than a ‘Static’ NFT

The DeRace platform is not yet ready to launch, but users can put their $DERC tokens to work in the meantime. DeRace is inviting community members to add liquidity to Uniswap with the trading pair DERC/USDC here. Once users have received their LP token they can be staked at DAOmaker.

The liquidity scheme will offer users the chance to maximize their $DERC prior to platform launch, a welcome opportunity for the supporters of this emerging GameFi project.

“Most of NFTs currently in the market have no other purpose than just being a collectible or a potential investment that might raise in value in the future,” added Adomas in the interview. “Our NFT horses and Hippodromes have an actual purpose besides being just speculative value collectibles. So we bring life and purpose to the “Static” NFT environment.”

Where to find DeRace:

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