DeRace Brings Major Gameplay Updates

With a clear aim, DeRace is taking important innovative steps to improve gameplay and give users more dynamic variety.

Saddle Up With DeRace

DeRace has overseen a comprehensive gameplay revamp, introducing exclusive new wearables and booster NFTs amongst several other innovations. 

The project took to Medium on April 5 to detail the relevant innovations. With all wearables and performance-enhancing assets fully gamified, the development is an indication of the important steps the team is taking to build out the DeRace digital horse racing ecosystem. 

“Prepare to fully immerse yourself into the DeRace metaverse as the introduction of the performance boosting items is fast approaching, that are expanding the gameplay and adding an additional layer of engagement into the ecosystem!” the team stated in their Medium

Having recently been verified on Twitter, DeRace is certainly on the right course, galloping its way to recognition. Visuals of the newly introduced wearables were also revealed on Twitter on April

What are Performance Boosting Assets?

The wearables consist of equipment that includes saddles, saddle pads, stirrups, bridles, horseshoes, protection boots, blinkers, and ear bonnets. The interesting part of these additions is that each will have a different impact on the hidden NFT horse pertaining to speed, stamina, and reaction time. 


Users will have important decisions to make in order to maximize the effects of each performance-boosting asset. As a stable owner, there are certain responsibilities to ensure your NFT horses are fully equipped to perform as best they can. 

Check out the DeRace Medium page to review more of the asset boost details

What is DeRace: 

DeRace describes itself as an NFT horse racing universe that enjoyed its IGO on Binance NFT on September 23rd that almost instantly sold out tickets to NFT horses that can be exchanged for in-game NFT horses. DeRace will ensure users can race on community-owned NFT hippodromes and get the most from their digital assets. With an upcoming marketplace, the future is promising for this project.

Where to find DeRace

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