DeRace Breeds Limited Edition Binancian Horses for Sale on Binance NFT

The special breeds of Binancian horses are available only on the Binance NFT marketplace, and they will be auctioned in five tiers.

Second Wave of Initial Gaming Offering on Binance NFT 

DeRace will hold the second wave of its first Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) on Binance NFT marketplace. The IGO will include special breeds of “Binancians” and about 1000 Non-fungible Token (NFT) horses for all tiers. 

Binancians are a legacy breed of DeRace NFT horses available only on the Binance NFT marketplace. The unique breed accounts for 1% of all gen 0 horses, exclusive to Binance NFT and Binance. DeRace’s IGO on Binance NFT will start on October 26th at 9:00 AM UTC. 

“#DeRace #NFT horses and legacy breed Binancians are getting ready for the ride in @TheBinanceNFT stables,” DeRace tweeted on October 23rd. “26th of October, 9 AM UTC is the date to remember. Let the countdown begin.”


According to BSC News’s report on September 23rd, the first wave of DeRace’s IGO on Binance NFT was a huge success. DeRace Binance IGO sold out in two seconds as NFTs on sale recorded outstanding figures. In the publication, a particular NFT sold out for a whopping $120,000. 

The second wave featuring over 2000 DeRace horses will be sold in two drops, with the first portion offering 1000 NFTs to users via the Binance NFT marketplace. In addition, the sale will offer 57 Binancians. 

Binance NFT Marketplace: IGO Sale Details  

DeRace NFT horse tickets will be on sale from 9 AM UTC on October 26th till 9 AM UTC on November 2nd. The tickets will be available on the Binance NFT marketplace till they are sold out within seven days. 

DeRace’s blog on October 25th disclosed that the limited edition Binancians would be auctioned for all five tiers such as Binancian Olympian, Binancian Demi-god, Binancian Alfa, Binancian Beta, and Binancian Omega. 

Users will be able to purchase DeRace’s NFT Horse tickets for $BUSD. A total of 1057 tickets will be available — 57 Binancians and 1000 DeRace NFT Horses. Each Binancian tier will have its auction starting price. However, DeRace NFT horses will be sold in a fixed price instant-sale format on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


“Limited edition Binancians (all 5 tiers) and DeRace Olympians will be auctioned in the upcoming 2nd wave of IGO,” the blog read. 

Read DeRace’s blog post for the price list of all NFTs, including the special breed of Binancians. 

About DeRace 

DeRace describes itself as an NFT horse racing universe that enjoyed its IGO on Binance NFT on September 23rd that almost instantly sold out tickets to NFT horses that can be exchanged for in-game NFT horses. DeRace will ensure users can race on community-owned NFT hippodromes and get the most from their digital assets. With an upcoming marketplace, the future is promising for this project.

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