DeRace Announces the Release of V2

DeRace aims to transcend GameFi by building cross-chain solutions in its upcoming V2 release.

DeRace Goes Cross-Chain

DeRace, a play-to-earn Non-Fungible Token (NFT) horse racing metaverse announces a massive revamp to its ecosystem guided by its primary goals of improving performance, creating limitless scaling opportunities, and building a base for layer-2 (L2) solutions.  

Source: DeRace’s solution with its V2 promises to dramatically improve user experience on its platform

The first step that the team takes is to build an L2 cross-chain solution to optimize the ecosystem and to create enormous ecosystem scaling opportunities. The solution is aimed at solving the majority of blockchain gaming issues in the GameFi market. 

L2 cross-chain solution will be an improvement to the ecosystem on three levels. It will improve user experience, pave way for faster game development, and improve the platform’s scalability. 

Adomas, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DeRace in the platform medium post says, 

“Implementation of these solutions is a very big scale upgrade that every player will notice personally. It allows us to create a flawless user experience flow where users don’t have to wait for transactions and face the frequent errors.” 

Source: DeRace’s CEO believes that that the platform’s V2 will open new horizons

SourceThe revamp is expected to enable smooth and instant in-game transactions on any activity on the platform and outcomes from in-game interactions. 

Gen 0 Additional Utility

DeRace is also set to implement additional Gen 0 NFT horse utilities. This additional reward will grant the owners of Gen 0 horses a share of the wins from their descendants. This added utility is called ‘ancestry rewards’. 

Other utilities such as Gen 0 horse staking will also be introduced without the need to develop a smart contract for each additional feature. The revamped solution will allow for faster and smoother development and implementation of the additional features. 

Taking GameFi to the Next Level

Conventional methods that are used to implement changes are clunky. Time constraint is the main issue because new features can only be added by creating smart contracts, integrating them, testing, and passing the audits. 

DeRace intends to implement a simple smart contract that will improve game development speed by almost three times. This move will allow for flexibility and also bypasses additional audits. 

Kristijonas, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) commented on how DeRace aims to transcend GameFi, 

“Improved game development speed and introduction of new exciting features will take the DeRace game-play to the next level. Faster development means that our players will be able to experience all the exciting in-game features without any setbacks.” 

Holistic Approach 

DeRace is currently on the Polygon network and recently the platform faces network disruptions. This interferes with the game and user experience. Migration to other chains is cumbersome and causes downtime. 

The decision to fall back on L2 solution will open up the possibility to seamlessly switch to any other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) or non-EVM chain. The team believes that L2 solutions will be the gamechanger not only to the GameFi industry but the entire traditional gaming industry. 

What is DeRace? 

DeRace describes itself as an NFT horse racing universe that enjoyed its IGO on Binance NFT on September 23rd that almost instantly sold out tickets to NFT horses that can be exchanged for in-game NFT horses. DeRace will ensure users can race on community-owned NFT hippodromes and get the most from their digital assets. With an upcoming marketplace, the future is promising for this project.

Where to find DeRace

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