Depth, The Secure Assets Management Protocol To Come To Binance Smart Chain

On September 30, 2021, Depth launched its secure and efficient stable asset management technology on Binance Smart Chain.


Depth ( is a stable asset management protocol that is both secure and efficient. Stablecoins can swap in a secure and safe environment with good depth, little slippage, and low transaction fees thanks to depth. Users can choose from a variety of yield aggregators that Depth has carefully selected. Depth incorporated other DeFi yield mechanisms, offering users long-term extra benefits in a secure environment.

Depth was created with a mobile user experience in mind, letting users swap huge amounts of stablecoins with cheap transaction costs and low slippage.BUSD, USDT, USDC, HUSD, as well as mainstream assets like BNB and HT, are among the stablecoins mentioned above.

Liquidity providers can use Depth to aggregate several yields. Depth incorporates benefits from other BSC leading protocols and DeFi projects, such as loan yield, mining rewards, and more, in addition to liquidity pool transaction fees. They now work with Alpaca, Venus, CoinWind, and Channels protocols, which have the most volume and liquidity in the BSC market.


Depth Dex

DEX based on the AMM method has already been shown to be an essential component of the crypto asset infrastructure. Simultaneously, this alluring field is never short of new adversaries, and Depth DEX is one of them.

Depth DEX, like other head DEX, will offer consumers a silky, low-Gas-Fee trading experience as well as significant liquidity mining benefits. Depth will only support selected assets in terms of assets and operations in order to provide an excellent liquidity pool, for BSC version BUSD/USDC/USDT are supported, eliminate exchange losses due to slippage, and improve the trading experience. Depth DEX will also support the creation of DeFi Lego, tying the DEX component of the Depth ecosystem together with multiple cooperative initiatives, giving users more options for assets and portfolios.

Depth Vault

Depth Vault is a decentralized yield aggregator for stablecoins and mainstream assets like BNB. With very competitive yields and benefits, Depth Vault offers users a one-stop stablecoin deposit solution.

Depth Vault selects standard lending methods with consideration, allowing users to easily compare yields and other criteria, as well as deposit stablecoins via simple procedures to receive BDEP benefits. BDEP mining incentives can be obtained by depositing BNB/Stablecoins(BUSD, USDT) and staking proof of deposit.

Depth OTC

Depth created its own OTC service based on extensive investigation and observation, which is live on HECO and soon will be deployed on BSC. Users can use Depth OTC to execute peer-to-peer block trading using the decentralized blockchain. Atomic swap allows a transaction between two types of assets to be completed without the use of a third-party middleman, making block trade safer, faster, and easier. 

Depth DAO

Depth is a mechanism for exchanging and farming stablecoins that is decentralized. The Depth team is working hard to make the product a secure stablecoin swap manager based on the BSC & HECO ecosystem. Depth decides to establish the concept of DAO and conduct long-term and efficient governance through a Hybrid Governance technique in order to achieve this goal and give consumers enduring safe and stable services.

Depth will continue to develop and introduce new products and services in the future. Depth core developers, Depth liquidity suppliers and takers, and BDEP holders will all be involved at some point. These responsibilities may overlap and impact one another, and they should all be able to assist in the long-term growth of Depth. 

Project Tokenomics

The DEP Token (DEP) is the Depth protocol’s governance token, having a total value of around 10 billion (including DEP on HECO and BDEP on BSC). At 10:00 a.m. (UTC+8) on March 1, 2021 (UTC+8), DEP on HECO was published through Depth’s liquidity mining. Depth’s liquidity mining on BSC has been released in a similar way through Depth’s liquidity mining on BSC from September 30th, 2021.

DEP is generated entirely through liquidity mining, and the team does not engage in any pre-mining. DEP has no investment value and primarily serves as a governance token for Depth. Users can stake DEP to receive xDEP and participate in the governance of Depth protocol, as well as profit from the Depth ecosystem rewards sharing and other DAO user perks.


Assets Liquidity Mining

In the depths, provide stablecoin/BNB liquidity. To get DEP liquidity mining rewards, join the Depth.Fi stablecoin swap pool or Vault pool and stake LP tokens on the Depth mining pools. 

DEP LP Liquidity Mining

Depth supports BDEP/BNB liquidity mining on PancakeSwap, which allows users to earn BDEP incentives by staking BDEP/BNB LP Token in the LP Farms.

On HECO, Depth provides DEP/HUSD LP liquidity mining. By staking DEP/HUSD liquidity LP in Depth DEX, users can earn DEP liquidity mining rewards.

Depth DAO Governance and Rewards

Depth is a protocol that is decentralized. Every DEP holder, liquidity provider, core development volunteer, and trader has their unique set of rights and responsibilities.

With the further development of Depth, there will be a number of topics that will require community discussion and judgment. Depth DAO will make a steady and secure contribution to Depth’s long-term success.

Token Contract


‌Full Name: Depth Token

Ticker: BDEP

Network Name: BSC mainnet

Token standard: BEP 20

Precision: 18

Smart contract address: 0x16f99577b259B069a2d1D166e70d349b11b1D325


Full Name: Depth Token

Ticker: DEP

Network Name: HECO mainnet

Token standard: HRC 20

Precision: 18

Smart contract address: 0x48C859531254F25e57D1C1A8E030Ef0B1c895c27

Token Distribution

DEP Token Distribution Plan

Liquidity Mining (75%)

Depth Core Volunteers (10%)

Long-Term Supporters (10%)

Depth ECO Foundation(5%)

BDEP Token Distribution Plan: 

Liquidity Mining (75%)

Depth Core Volunteers (15%)

Depth ECO Foundation(10%)

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