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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Depocket Team: Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing great! I’m Hoang Le – CEO at DePocket.

We’re looking forward to your interesting questions tonight!

I’m Huong, CBO of DePocket. This is not the first time we do AMA in here but still really excited.

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Depocket Team: Can’t wait any longer 

Q1: Now to start the AMA, please tell the community what Depocket is all about & the team’s experience?

Depocket Team: It give me opportunity to introduce about my team. We have 4 main member in leading team.

Hoang Le (CEO): INDUSTRY-LEADING PROFESSIONAL IN THE ICT industry, specializing in IT with  7+ years in R&D related to Blockchain.

Nabi Klover (CMO): 8+ years in Digital Marketing & Cryptocurrency; Former Havas Global Agent, My Defi Pet.

Tuan Hoang (CTO): 5+ years experience in blockchain and software engineering.

Huong Phung (CBO): Business development at KAOPIZ Corp. 7+ R&D experience in Blockchain.

Q2: What about the security of your clients? What technological solutions or plans do you have to enhance user trust? Was your platform audited?

Depocket Team: DePocket always care about the security of our users. We cooperate with reputable audit parties like Certik to do audits for the project, and they use the following method:

CertiK will examine Customer’s source code for syntactical, semantic, and logical errors with a methodology including but not limited to

• White box code review

• Static Analysis

• Expert Manual Review

Q3: Depocket is able to support several AMMs and DEXes in just one place, but as part of this platform you must support several chains as well, so can you tell us how many chains or tokens networks are you able to support?

Depocket Team: We do not develop AMM or DEX.

We develop routers to them. These are called DEX aggregators. During the test period, we will push DEX support on BSC.

When the system is stable, we will expand the number of chains as much as possible.

It has no limits. We hope to be able to support the maximum needs of users.

Q4: As we know, the IDO day is really close already. So can you let our community know, What are the Utilities of your tokens? Could you give us more details about this sale round? Is there still an opportunity to participate?

Depocket Team: Yeah, quite interesting.

I think many people would like to know, so this is a good opportunity to share: The DEPO Token (DEPO) shall be used for the following:

Feature unlock: DePocket shall provide most of the free-of-charge functions to all users. However, some premium functions are only offered to DEPO holders.

Governance: DEPO holders may join the decision-making on platform functions such as which DeFi apps are supported by the voting tool.

Staking and Liquidity Reward

Payment: Developers need to pay in DEPO token for each API call when using DePocket’s on-chain API. Premium DeFi utilities, such as Yield Aggregators, also charge DEPO tokens as a usage fee.

About the sale round, here is information:

DePocket on OxBull:

Date: 29th Nov at 2 PM UTC

Tier: We will have 4 tiers:

-> Tier 1, 2, 3: only for OXB holders (it means that you have to buy and hold OXB). Kindly refer to this Medium of OxBull for detail:

-> Tier 4: for Depocket Communities, no need to hold OxBull token, but you have to win the ticket from the Whitelist competition

Token Purchase for Tier 4: First come first serve. Each user who wins the tickets will have the chance to a chance to purchase $85 BUSD in $DEPO (~50% chance)

Distribution time: 2 hours after Listed on Pancakes Wap (tentative at 7 PM UTC –  30th Nov).

DePocket on DuckDao:

Date: 2 PM UTC – 30th Nov

– Tier: We have 6 Tiers

-> Tier 0: for Depocket Communities, no need to hold DuckDAO token, but you have to win the ticket from the Whitelist competition

We will announce the whitelist winner, the winners have to do the KYC on Blockpass (we will provide the link later). Then the winners will be added manually and directly to the platform to purchase a $DEPO token.

Token Purchase for Tier 0: First come first serve. Each user who wins the tickets will have the chance to purchase $50 USDC in $DEPO (~50% chance).

-> Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: For $DLP – DuckDAO Holder. Kindly refer to this Video on DuckDAO and update from their Medium, to know how to join these tier:

+ Video:

+ Duck Medium:

Distribution time: 2 hours after Listed on Pancakes Wap (tentative at 7 PM UTC –  30th Nov).

– About opportunity, the whitelist competition on DuckDao ended already. You only can join Depocket x Oxbull whitelist competition: end on 27 Nov


– Iinitial price of $DEPO is only $84,000 USDT – super low cap and hyper potential

and the buying limitation from $85 – $200, depend on which tier you are

Q5: I saw in the whitepaper there are low transaction fees but lets say we are in a scenario of the best price is in uniswap and gas at that time is super high, how will your platform decide the best move compared to other exchanges?

Depocket Team: The DePocket platform is the first place where users can manage a decentralized portfolio of assets on multi-chains and multi-wallets.

This is followed by the ability to invest intelligently based on aggregate market data provided by DePocket to maximize returns.

Another feature is swapping tokens with the lowest fees. Depending on the time and transaction, DePocket will choose the best route to swap to save fees. So at all times, the cost of Swap on DePocket is always the lowest in the market.

Q6: What about NFT APY, plan after IDO?

Depocket Team: At this time, DePocket helps you to track the token farming/staking APY in a rank. Not the NFT. However, The ranking of NFT APY is a good idea. We will consider it. We also partner with some GameFi projects to help their users manage, tracking their NFT/Hero,…

Q7: What are the project goals? Can you share with us your roadmap in the next 6 months?

Depocket Team: About the plan in next 6 months and road map, you can read our litepaper, reall details. Here is the link:

Q8: Where can we find out more about Depocket on social media?

Depocket Team: So you can update about DePocket information quick enough

FAQs about us:





BSC_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with DePocket.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Depocket Team: Okay, thank you for your support Harris, and thanks everyone for your attention and many questions.

Hopefully you will follow us closely.

Thanks to the bsc_daily community!

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for DePocket.





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