Delta City – Fight For Control of the City

The cyberpunk-themed game has been referred to as a mix between Axie Infinity and Pokemon Go, set in an aesthetic dystopian universe.

What is Delta City?

Delta City is an upcoming play-to-earn RPG-metaverse Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game that is based around building control of a digital city. Players are able to collect properties (Buildings) and fighters that are represented by NFTs that will help them fight off opposing players and gain ground. The battle system has been described as a mixture of Axie Infinity and Pokemon Go.

The first NFTs are available through a partnership with NFTb, introducing players to the buildings and fighters (Denizens) that are available in-game. There are only 10 of each initially available through the partnership- but there are 10,000 Buildings available in-game to be bought.

Delta City is powered by $USDO, a BEP-20 stablecoin with outside value and liquidity that serves as in-game currency. This means that players have real value in their hands when they acquire currency by playing the game. Delta City is the first NFT game that uses a stablecoin as in-game currency.

Delta City is built by the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) company OCP, known for their suite of DeFi tools that include lending, trading, and farming.

How Delta City Works

Players gain control of Delta City by acquiring Buildings and recruiting Denizens to help aid their conquest. These Denizens can be used in PVP battles, hostile takeovers of opposing player Buildings, or to defend Buildings against enemy attack. Denizens and Buildings can be bought off of the Delta City marketplace.

In order to earn $USDO to buy more Denizens and Buildings, players must stake their Building NFTs to earn in-game rent. These Buildings can be taken over by other players, however – so it is wise to collect enough Denizens to defend your income supply. When a hostile takeover is successful, the winning player assumes control of the Building and its rent.

Players will be able to upgrade their Buildings and Denizens in the future.


There are 6 different classes of Denizens, along with 96 items that allow you to fully customize your squad. Each Denizen is unique in appearance. The different classes have individual strengths, so forming an effective team requires a bit of strategy.


There are 9 different classes of Buildings, each coming at a different price point and associated rent based on the part of the city they are located. The nicer the area, the higher the rent – and the more desirable for hostile players to try to take over. Each Building, like the Denizens, is unique in appearance. 

Powered by DeFi

Because Delta City is built by OCP, players will have the ability in the future to borrow against their NFTs through OCP. This is quite similar to being able to borrow against physical real estate, offering users the ability to claim funding for their fight for dominance. Delta City essentially serves as an introduction to DeFi concepts under the umbrella of intense and enaging gameplay.

This also gives the NFTs value outside of the game. If players don’t wish to use these borrowed funds in-game they are able to transfer the value outside of the game, basically allowing them to create value out of their in-game assets.

The Importance of Community

Much like any successful game, the Delta City community is highly important to its developers. 

The Delta City community will have a role in developing the game further, allowing them to help shape the gameplay to what best suits overall opinion. Owners of Building and Denizen NFTs will be privy to this process.

Concluding Thoughts

Delta City looks like an engaging RPG metaverse, but perhaps its most distinct value is its integration of a real stablecoin into gameplay. Rather than running off of a potentially volatile native token, utilizing a stablecoin with real value and liquidity ensures the game will be profitable for players in the long haul.

If you are new to NFT games (and DeFi as a whole), Delta City might be the perfect place for you. Learn about DeFi concepts, crush your opponents, stake your NFTs to earn rent – there’s a lot to do in this cyberpunk metaverse!

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