Delish Finance – a moon mission to end world hunger and empower the people to create multiple

Delish Finance is the solution to some of the destructive problems the pandemic [lockdowns and restrictions] has placed on small businesses.

Delish Finance is creating a decentralized and democratized economy, to empower the citizens, and address some the global financial challenges starting with the food industry.

Our mission is to create a public blockchain that is designed for mass adoption of blockchain technology by business users of all sizes.

Delish is intended to serve as the foundation for a sustainable and scalable business blockchain ecosystem
that can be leveraged to create the first decentralized food sharing and delivery economy;

➢ Delish is intended to be the back end to the various D’apps being build on the Delish Blockchain.
➢ Delish allows for the creation of various stable coins pegged to various fiat currencies.
➢ Delish Stable Coins will be used by partners to settle payments
➢ The Delish Main net is Scheduled to launch in December 2022
➢ Delish is designing D’app that will allow our partners to offer wide steam adoption of the Delish

Delish Finance utilizes blockchain technology by providing easy flow of data and payments. This is done
▪ Connecting Farmer’s [food] and Manufacture’s [packaging] products to consumers in the food industry.

▪ Connecting Food Merchants [finished product] to consumer [“foodies”] through,
1) Easy to use D’Apps
2) Internet-of-Things – token layer tracking assets on the blockchain
3) Contract token layer to determine who owns these assets
4) The code to create D’Apps to use the data

How does Delish Work?

Breakdown of Delish Finance
▪ Delish uses the power of blockchain technology.
▪ Delish ecosystem will be built on top of the Delish-Carbs blockchain
 9 months’ or sooner timeline for token migration from BSC to Delish Finance Main net
Delish Finance ecosystem Dual Token system is made-up of:

1) Delish (DELISH)
2) Carbs Power (CARBS)
3) Delish Stable Coin (USD?)

Proof of Stake economy rewards DELISH holders with CARBS, based on the amount of DELISH you
hold. Note: Merchants will eventually need to hold a minimum amount of Delish based on their market.

DELISH TOKEN is the store of value and the currency in the Delish Finance ecosystem.
CARBS TOKEN is the energy or, power used to make transactions on the Delish Finance network.
Examples Include:

▪ Pay for executing smart contracts
▪ Transferring DELISH tokens from one place to another
▪ Mint NFTs

By holding DELISH you automatically get paid CARBS (Proof-of-Stake).

D’apps will allow DELISH holders will be able to easily earn CARBS on their mobile phones and computers.

Storefront owners will need to stake DELISH in order to earn enough CARBS to offset fees associated with operating their business.

Token Allocations

Token Summary & Tokenomics

$DELISH coin launches on December 17th, 2021 with the total supply of 100,000,000,000,000.

Token Distribution

▪ 30% Locked until mainnet
▪ 10% Private sale
▪ 50% of tokens from private sale will be locked on Advisors/Angel Investors 2-year vesting, 6-
month cliff 12.5% quarterly
▪ 10% Presale
▪ 20% Tokens unlocked on Pancake Swap
▪ 10% Tokens for developer team, 3-year vesting, 6-month cliff 8.3% quarterly

**As a community-based token, The Dev tokens will be utilized as Airdrop Rewards to our long-term,

▪ 10% Tokens for Advisors/Angel Investors 2-year vesting, 6-month cliff 12.5% quarterly
▪ 10% Burn Schedule

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